Wearable contact

Having a virtual twin life based on an #IoT asset hereby the life stages in relation of the responsibilities of the creature possessing it.

At the time of year 0 (chip initiation), the new borer will be credited with the financial registration associated with the country code. The orphan accepts the associated (state) debt / birth costs and can not yet generate income or make decisions about expenditures. The accumulation and settlement of financial units is done until the 7th year by the adults who, according to the country code, are responsible for the growth of the orphans.

From the 7th year onwards, the orphans are expected to make expenditures (education according to state rules including language to save themselves in relationships where exchange of financial values ​​takes place). The being receives a smartwatch with which it is possible to make expenses in accordance with the universal tax system. In addition to country codes of locations where this exchange trade takes place, the extent to which expenses are incurred and accountability are also included. The orphans are protected according to credit rules belonging to the age. The country code applies as local legislation for allowing exchange transactions. Until the 17th year the being grows in experience with its ‘tax expenditures’. The universal tax system is aimed at minimizing damage to local environments and maximizing the restoration of the earth as a living environment for the increasingly conscious person.

Va. 17-35 years the being is able to participate in multiplication within the demographic developments that apply in certain country codes. The local environmental impact is universally observed in accordance with legislation. Where there is a lot of environmental damage, forces working together around the world are minimizing damage by humanity. The importance of flora and fauna is not subordinate to the (technological) growth of humanity. This is to prevent extinction of humanity itself. Self-conscious contribution (#ai) is not only appreciated (growing in life experience) but also socially enforced.

From 35-55 years is expected to contribute to the growth of the generation to 35 years. The issue of prevention of misbehaving by crossing in accordance with the theory of the fourth generation plays an important role. Maximum contribution to ever increasing science is an advantage. The growth of the estate will count. {definition of legacy to determine in relation to fertility / life choices. } In this phase it is important that the creature has his sheep on dry land.

55-77 + years the being is able to extend his legacy over several generations. The energy is declining due to cell death and it is therefore not easy to give birth yourself because of the responsibility for the upbringing. In that case, greed and egoism seem to prevail over taking responsibility for education. Evaluation of love is strongly recommended, is there still social benefit? I am in favor of universal legal regulations.