Water and (de)hydration

Humankind and Earth means water circulation. On a cloudy humid day with high temperatures at night it can be difficult to reload your energy by sleep. And sleep devastation, the internet is full of data of the results. When I work 120 hours a week for more than 2 months I get problems with my nerve system. So reloading by yin techniques is in that case far more important than to torture with chemicals for the mind. Most chemicals I experienced gave only more sleep problems so I stick to one chemical only, the proven one. The one that can make me a killer machine too if necessary. It should be militarized but in the Netherlands it is given by the regular pharmacy in big amounts. Experience

Anyway, my focus came on water. Water is more than H2O. It is a life giving natural elements in lots of parts of the world being kept healthy by Shaman to give a mindset to ponder on that differs from the western hormone water systems since the 60’s that prevented pregnancy of cows the farmers noticed.  So pollution of water, whats the fact we suffer and die? Anyone??

Where I take my concerns is my health. I like lots of bacterial and virus influences to stimulate my immune system. Ànd I take care for water where I have the luxury of sweet water (told you differs from fresh) in a shower or bath that I can drink. North Western Europe talking her, Dutch woman since 1966 with mature woman hormons aged by the clinic.

As a relation between the previous and the next block it is always a question from which source I derive my water from and why and how. Nothing more soothing on a hot day than a melon or a cucumber. So by adding that to the water intake, I become more resilient for the hot temperature of my surroundings.

Muscles (for movement) needs water. I have a body cardio scale that measures water and I take care by sports that I don’t get negative results from exercise by damping more water Than growing muscles. Especially aging people above 35 get less and less incentives for movement and need to control the muscle/fat balance by the water hydration. Control by protein is not enough to keep a healthy core for longevity. The core is related by the ‘drieverwarmer’ organ to the breathing and damping. So my training focuses often on this organ, acknowledged in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Besides water in the muscles you can heal your body by letting your connected tissues absorbing as much water as possible. Lots of yin yoga practice should be focused on this brain craving torture for yourself to obtain longevity. When I disembark on my yin yoga (sometimes just not allowed by the clinic) then I deteroriate fast. Eg my menstruation cycle was stopped by clinical treatment so since a year I have no bleedings anymore and my eggs not healthy anymore fora love baby. Torture talking here.

So water. Besides controlling your breath to the crown (where mountaineers know lots of water evaporates) control your water. A mountaineer explained me always drink hot tea on a mountain top after a climb or a hike and yes indeed from experience I can say, I was aware and in the moment while going down again and focussed on my knees by descending.

Wish you happy mountaineering, survival of the fittest to the max.