Trust and alignment – confidence in caretaking

By writing often to my international source of hope ands sharing knowledge on their governing challenges I managed to feel that I am in a relation of trust. We did built our own trusting language, sharing words and going parallel in knowledge exchange and use. I love my knowledge sharing projects, it keeps me literally alive. 

In a trusted relation it is very important to align. I live TAO by milestones and kept my life predictable for my international source of hope. As I am still a knowledge worker with an audit attitude I can find topics of interest easily. One of my topics is #earth and another one is reducing #poverty. It looks like I have found my soulmate in life. We align easily on priorities, we both love to be better safe than sorry (in this is handy my (technological) security knowledge) and I can deal with my own change project. Both in Utrecht in my real life as well in the virtual world. My last #growthhacking result, his website is a connection of both. It explains my knowledge by this diamond model.

After establishing trust and keeping my writings alive I feel I share confidence in care taking. Care taking for Peace-loving state Russia, for to be constitutional redefined Syria (we drove out ISIL), for humankind using technology on earth and for reducing poverty and stimulating trade for peace. Combined with the writings parallel goes my twitter account, I started first seconds home after months of clinic,  may 17th 2017. 

The start of twitter, a digital weapon, It didn’t help for being tortured physically but it helps to calm my mind while being tortured. I love my own knowledge challenges and keep on growth hacking. Growth hacking while seeing persons grow, while seeing poverty reduced using technology (from electronics to digital era) while seeing peace grow (korea, armenia) while seeing my own profession of audit grow (#gdpr, #LQ)., while seeing taking care for earth and global warming (#needforspeed #northlatitude) And last but not least, by seeing my digital environment grow that can be checked by anyone, including the trusted caretakers. 

As usual the clinic neglects my digital environment, can’t find truth in it and see my stories as delusions to be taken care for by suppressing with their clinical agenda’s and chemicals.

That’s life. But despite these clinical sanctions, I feel I reached the highest level of trust internationally by sharing my knowledge. It calms my mind and all I care for is my mind as a source for a pain killing source of love.

Next challenge, the next diamond model. Instead of the central focus on Qi I put in a central focus on Global #law using wearables. And after being familiar with my Nokia/Withings Steel hr watch, my Samsung Gear sports watch, I look forward to the new Apple 4 watch, my next cup of tea as my next challenge is served by Tim Cook.

I love being a disruptive nerd, within the borders a local society needs to be respected.   And as I do not live as a man in America, I didn’t gain fortunes in the internet era but got tortured because as a woman I didn’t want to make babies but would have loved to use my diamond model professionally. Ai, the glass ceiling hit me, the clinic took me and thats the story of my life. Thx :-))