Space creation

While growing older with each balancing breath giving attention to growing impressions for the mind it is a profession to create timely space for new impressions. Space can be created in the mind (eg using new yoga postures to feel space creation for new impressions) in a (digitally supported) schedule (eg changing muscle creation hours in mind dumping creation hours) or in assets (eg a second house in another hometown to manage a new cultural learning environment for in my case wishes of impressions of a less open society).

Anyway before growth can take place space need to be created. Humankind is excelling on earth using the brain growth from baby time till 23 mature brain to shrinking pension time after age 77. The challenge is to keep the brain fit to prevent it from endless pondering on imprints of the past. By creating space there is room for new imprints, usually this learning way gives positive vibes to share.

In my case I take care for phycical #spineworks to the max to free up any not loving emotion. I am busy making a professional #recoveryspecialism of it. At the moment by granting professional body oriented loved ones the ability to follow my footprints in this era and share experiences. This can take some time as a total new era in brain knowledge.

The location of the living space where thoughts and practices are shared there is always a personal quest for brain waste management. Important are cultural differences eg from the global south where the relation of birth gift by girls in relation to god is more important than being giving shelter by a more individual housing oriented government of the global north. Immigration quests as a result, hardly attention to address the people on the move to get rid of brain impressions targeting an mostly unrealistic mindset of a positive future.

For any movement, whether it is in the brain of by using legs or other transport possibilities there should be attention on the aspect of space creation. If there are hardly empty houses in the north then it is hard to give shelter to birth giving people from the south. To prevent a lot of homeless people this reality needs to be addressed, the quest of poverty differences can be used as example to prevent unrealistic mindsets.

Space creation. A big actual question. Cause if there is no space creation (eg to house central electrifying parking places in a smart city full of electric car owners) then congestion is the result.

New solutions are needed where in my experiences the management of realistic space creation in relation to unrealistic mind waste (not practical thoughts) is a challenge for humankind.