Reality check

As the mind is a reflective instrument within the chemicals running the brain be aware that thoughts are not real. Thoughts are fleeting output of the brain, based on a collection of earlier impressions. I like to view this collection as a wallpaper that can be switched. Like the Tinder app gives emotions by switching pictures. Wallpaper with thoughts as results.

I try to be sure to keep 360 degrees angles on every (digitally) action the mind request asks impression access for. To balance the impressions be sure to give enough unconscious time to the mind to let it balance itself. Eg by taking enough sleeping time to store impressions in memory for retrieval details to evaluate the wallpaper quality when actively requested as a reflection to prevent unrealistic interaction or not balanced dialogues.

I try to be sure not to dump personal memory to infringe on someone else’s environment without permission granted upfront. I love to respect someone else’s mind space while trying to listen to needs for interaction in not demanding dialogue. I try to keep metadata in personal dialogue with every actor a related storytelling tale using #seo to the max. Cause a dialogue with someone only progress in a positive way is my experience as long as there are precious moments to share about shared learning moments.

Dialogue is mostly related to a person highest conscious nod in the brain. If this top level and related mind speed is not shared infringement is experienced often as a result. This infringement can be lowered in details using antipsychotic medication. By taking this kind of medication less association by the brain is possible with less unstructured dialogue as a result. More listening pauses and sharing can be noticed. Brain speed is chemically lowered this way.

Brainspeed can also be levelled to other creature. Eg the quality of the crown chakra can come in contact with the universe to load QI. energy exchange with for example trees is possible I have experienced.

To control the chakras above the throat chakra (breathing) makes personal choices to use unconscious brain possibilities in conscious real environment. Eg I am exploring to keep the breath going (several exercise moods) on using the related muscle steering part of the brain (throat chakra) while using a combination of the third eye chakra mind cooling in relation to hypothalamus nerve steering in relation to Wenicke Korsakov balancing training.

At the moment this results in playing with measurement of body weight while my biggest quest if I can maximise bodyweight differences by letting the soul travel in and out of my physical body during continuous breathing.

Only lots and lots of daily #spineworks training makes me still curious exploring this steering of the brain by mind. I still make progress in the mentioned direction. But if the real traveling of the soul in a Star Trek way is possible, only time can tell.