Qi and healthcare – entropy of stools

I love to see my eyes in the mirror and find it a miracle that I am a breathing creature. With every new breath I can clear or fill my mind. I love and I grow (literally) by fulfilling commitments to myself with every breath I use. I love to plan tasks with an open and creative mind, like a child beyond death fear but with mature responsibilities in an environment where my identity brings trust and peace. As everybody I can only be productive in one place at the time.

I am a strategic lazy person by nature and I love to balance my Qi, the ability to gain love and happiness in life from breath. Its the human perpetuum mobile until death. If other humans in my neighborhood respond with trust I know I can function as a hub instead of a black hole absorbing energy. If they don’t I use my energy to connect to their mindsets and listen, I pay attention as a habit. 

Everything you pay attention to grows, I love to see the people grow. In my connection with them I reflect their growth without prejudice and by listening to their tales of their growth. It is their mind that brings me the wonders of life and it is my attention that brings the energy to connect. 

From experience I know I can not always connect. Sometime my mind is too absorbed with my own goals and focussed on my own learning proces. Not everybody can pay attention to me in that case, sometimes their minds are absorbed by their own processes as well. In the case of two forced minds, no matter what the persons needs are, it is better to disconnect in time to prevent harm by intrusion from one on the other. I always try to focus on my mind, if not listening yet I try to listen again. Pay attention to the other and reconnect. Going with the flow of mindsets of the other and try to understand what that human is telling me to learn from. After learning a while (paying attention) we can summarize and conclude. A planned task fulfilled, growth again.

Besides the mind breathing and producing thoughts, there is a second mind in the gut. The functioning of this mind can be seen by the stools excreting from it. A dietst should be able to analyze with you your stools in relation to the food taken. I assure you, if you take flaxseeds daily you gut mind will function by it’s climate neutral omega 3 reservoir and producing happiness daily. Now we have started to talk about the intestine, please follow the knowledge in this diamond model to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Start with the tile left from this central and follow clockwise to the right.

Happy exploring life itself!!