Protection assurance

As reality is an ever changing fact in dialogue in time, my experience is that no Qi energy should be wasted upon negative thoughts. If a negative thought is spotted, try to give it a loving response first. Welcome it with a positive mood, this way I address myself as a creature that I love. I accept the changing emotion as a result with an almost never ending period of happiness as a result. Believe it or not, only giving attention to positive thoughts is a perpetuum mobile in energy to create, in my case mostly for communal services.

This ongoing positive mood will give the also positive result of a smooth going life. Only paying attention to facts to reflect upon when they are really requested. My slogan, when its there its there, when not, not. Eg in my case I had a lawsuit on 20191015. Of course I let my thoughts wonder when the invitation letter came but I waited for the Judge to ask her questions while I prepared the most basic facts on one page of text to hand over for facts from my point of view. The judge ruled that there should be more communication and so the progress in exchanging (digital) written language expressing mindsets goes on.

The businesslike talk, focus on facts (no matter the other one feelings related to the other ones thoughts) gives freedom of expression, of course respecting a polite DIALOGUE, simply because of respect to the other.

The inner dialogue results in a kind of independency where better safe than sorry is the best slogan. And to keep it safe, keep it loving in all cases. Only an open, loving mind is creative to solve the requested time for attention. It simply saves a lot of (pondering) thoughts and prevents mind sickness like depression. Focus on a loving inner talk to myself prevents me from focussing on problems in relation to others by others infringement because of their not loving minds.

Expressions of love prevents hate in my direction. Why should there be hate anyway if someones independency is respected by the feeling that a person is okay to just be in the first place? No one can analyse someone elses thoughts. It is simply impossible because the amount of registered detailed impressions from the other ones senses can simply not be copied into yours. You can yes analyse the energy use, also called constitution (eg in Ayurveda). People with negative inner thoughts absorb lots of energy from their environment, people with positive inner thoughts shine and bring joy. Simply analyse the environment to see a person clearly. The universe, believe it or not, supports the quality of positive thoughts with creativity is my experience.

So, to conclude, a sane mind is the best assurance for a positive life. Whether or not a psychatrist labels the fact that someone is not okay (it seems their way of earning an income) never, no never let them allow to command your inner feelings just keep on giving yourself a loving okay mood yourself.

If global competence is a reality be aware of the fact that actors appear from every corner of #earth to gain access with audit request for attention of the mind. If dialogue can not be sufficient granted or is blocked (eg by forced medications) friction with death as result can be a fact. If this is the case be sure you can look with dignity to your eyes in the mirror while being grateful for every breath granted. Conclusion, just be as loving as possible while addressing businesslike the facts that give infringement.

I have several decennia experience with the kind of forced infringement psychiatrists give these days, sometimes as in my case until very recently also by castration of my mind by forced medication prescribed as part of their business. My slogan for this unwanted infringement ‘De mens wikt, god beschikt’.