Plexis Solaris circulation

As stated earlier the plexus Solaris area is the battery of the body. Lots of the #TCM meridians pass this area to keep a healthy lovin attitude and a strong throat it is important to keep a strength in this core part of the body.

Strength can be gained by doing plank practices or the other way around by doing Pilates open throat, locked core practices.  A sufficient loaded battery will make it possible to keep on sharing positive energy with your environment

An important meridian point is Le38 that needs to be stimulated in case of exhaustion. Further it is important to contain the energy while circulating fresh derived QI through the closed vessel of Du
Mai and REN Mai. Closing this energy highway is easy, just put the tip of your tong behind your front teeth against the upper part of the mouth. Then visualize energy flows from back to front, from the spine up, over the head to the belly below  store the energy in the belly in your visualisation.

If you can keep yourself warm to the point of your fingers, toes and nose in cold environments while ‘running this magnetic energy through your body over and over again’ then you master the most important level of Qi  namely containing of the energy using your strong plexus Solaris as checkpoint



yield management to explore by heartbeat management in relation to breathing and light