Move and heartbeat – muscles and fat

I take care for the transport in my intestine by moving as much as possible regularly and keeping fibers (grains, berries, ..) in my diet daily. E.g. I have a grain/seed/kernel diet every morning, including flaxseeds. That first. Further, I have a luxury of no hunger and can prevent a harmful lack of proteins too. I like the veggie proteins the most for the health of my intestine and I prevent aggressive industrial wheat.

Second to move this transport there should Be movement (my simple steps). I try to reach 50K steps a minimum every week. If possible and I take time, I can have 90k by doing as much as possible appointments by foot.

For lifelong easy results (flexibel sport approach) i have since my younger years taken care for building Core to keep a low visceral fat measurement. When I was younger I could do more hours intensive cardio sports to built the easy release of energy from this Core (its your bodies battery). Now I am older, I take care for more muscles practices not keep my fat/muscle balance as healthy as possible.

To check if enough water (see next tile) is there absorbed while keep on building muscles (to transport liquid blood, wastedump of fat) feel the ‘zonnevlecht’. Keep it healthy, even massage with Ayurvedic oil if necessary. In the ‘zonnevlecht’ is your wastedump measurement.

Now I got older body symptoms I support my sporting using food supplements that prevent fat dump on the wrong places. There is white fat, brown fat, and I use fat to burn fat. Off course I take care for the Ldl in the blood, measure the hdl. Thats most important for clinical balancing.

Last but not least I use very expensive (Clarins) bodycreams to restore my skin while loosing lots of fat (easy 12 kg the first month) after torture by the clinic cause skin is sooo  important to stimulate as one of the biggest organs.

But I never!!! Never let the mind become obsessieve goal oriented. I use sports to keep my mind open and flexibel, the awareness in the moment. Cause life is not about diet, it is About QI, lifelong energy to survive. 

My central focus is a balanced body with strong core for QI So i adapt to every challenge that my environment throws at me.