Local environment & shelter

In my retreat week at EnikRecoveryCollege.nl I viewed the film CrazyWise and I learned that there are a lot survivors like me in the western world. Survivors I called shaman in my communication with people I share confidence with. And yes, a shaman in the western world is mostly (like me) a survivor tortured by the psychiatrists with chemicals to suppres the supernatural states of the mind. Cause these states werent found productive enough for a structured 9-5 job. 

From my experiences (I call these states of mind Yin) I gather a lot of knowledge from the universe, ancestors and restless souls. Knowledge I can share with a normal Yang mind conversation with my most trusted soulmate in the world. Further I use my education and the Yin gatherered knowledge to heal challenging processes for humankind by giving the meaning in sensible words via the internet (eg by Twitter antonie19031966). 

What is necessary for a shaman in the western world to function.

  1. First of all, and this is a real luxury I have, is an agenda in which I am allowed to select the way I use my mind to heal. In my case, as an educated technical auditor as well, I try to heal the disturbance of humankind infected by the technology humankind itself invented to disturb its own world. And of cause, like I said, carrots and sticks, everything has pro and cons. The pro is I can usually select the way I use my time, the con is I am not allowed to use my own shelter because of torture by the psychiatrists in the clinic. A pity, like money the exchange I accept to a certain level to secure my independency as an auditor in the western world. But torture or not, I trust myself enough to produce results over the years. In my yang conversation to trusted partners I call this living TAO with milestones. 
  2. Second for the shaman is milestones. Peopel healing in his surrounding, wars transforming into peace under accepted guidance, trust levels if offered then built, teamwork with all kind of disciplines (Yin support gives an easy life :-)) ) to produce results (eg in teamwork reducing poverty (of mind)) In the western world it is necessary to be able to keep a household and share milestones. Respect for Crazy but not forget, try to transform to Wise by giving responsibility instead of taken it. Prevent isolation by taking interests. The west should learn to deal with shamans and their interests.
  3. Third, most important a shaman should learn to trust, trust his own being, his own mindstates and learn to use these. Be able to defend these, cause the creative Yin state of mind (suppressed with chemicals like anti psychotic) is a state of mind that can give productive yang results understood by everyone. If the shaman keeps trust  and relaxation, the mind will produce results. Results the world literally couldnt dream of. This is a learning traject for every shaman and calling the shaman capabilities of someone a sickness that should be healed is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
  4. Fourth, and in this Utrecht is king, a shaman should be given shelter as soon as he has found shelter in his own mind, eg trust him/herself. Feels acknowleged and respected. Doesn’t feeling bothered anymore by being certified mad. Ability to built an authenticity, identity, including the proud defending of the shaman capabilities.
  5. I found my identity as an independent knowledgeworker in 1997 and kept on defending it, no matter the torture. I kept on studying and dreaming and producing milestones. I as a humble and grateful person started interacting with other shamans. Learned to live in the moment with most breaths taken, developed a legacy in the by me trusted digital archives, and hopes for a spiritual goal to leave this world as a soul in peace. Therefore I pray, cause as a shaman I respect the universe, the nature and #earth as a shelter for humankind.
  6. Fifth, respect. A shaman thrives by respect, by being understood and seen, and will be a productive soul, able to work with universal energy. Most shamans have very energetic souls and share very unique identities. I remember my friends saying, living like antonie is impossible. But hey, antonie lives so living like antonie can be hard (yes she is a survivor) but is possible. I try to gain respect from my psychiater by talking yang instead of yin. Tortured with her chemicals I can defend my border in an aggressive way and it is dificult to make contact with the yin states of other shamans. Everything has pros and cons, we’ll see what my yang period till new year will bring. Hopefully a new understanding (semantic) level of language. If not, yin will tell me which way to go next. Untill then TAO with milestones, hereby this tile as a milestone.

With this knowledge of a shaman having her own shelter since 23 years in Utrecht, Wittevrouwen (that needs a new roof by the way) I call for everyone to explore his or her shaman. Where was a calling that asks for your identity to be guided, when did you decide your yin or yang function should become balanced or maybe even extreme. In which environment does your state of mind find shelter. How does your own fear for your own shaman capabilities lead to disrespect of people without shelter.

Searching for identity, or safety for upset minds. Immigration, emigration, refugees, disturbed souls. The yin component on the forefront and the yang component not enough developed in communication in peace with (new) environments, so problems with shelter. Fear in the environment as a result.

I am grateful for the shelter and acknowledgment Enik gives me this week, to upload to a new yang level for future planned milestones. See what my shaman interaction with psychiatry will bring for Utrecht, city of shamans. Probably first a new level at Enik, after WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) and this second retreat based on searching authenticity the new year with a new third retreat, how to use the Yin in a productive way. As my Twitter says, I love this colorful, open and transparent people sharing a vida loca. :-))