IoT connectivity

I studied the essence of communication since I was young, including the technical details in the 80’s (all related to the practical perfection of x25 telephone by PTT) and later the sustainabililty of global telephone/internet transformation in the 90’s (by physical networks of unisource or Dutch military, all in the Netherlands) . As an technical auditor found out that every by technical laws of Shannon communication in disciplines (banking, auditing, military, assurance, nerds, and all other professions) had their own language. Every ‘territory’ had its own border, jargon inbetween the discipline, small talk about the weather or family outside it. 

Having this telecom(munition) audit knowledge I developed for the governing of an audit company in 1997 the diamond model. As a woman, the language became aggresive manly, like you should be a good mother or you need something between your legs. My ‘technical’ baby, the documents on the diamond model was new language and not allowed as a change. I got worried, tried by small talk but no, the direction of growth was cancelled. They didnt allow my knowledge.

By 2006 I asked for the rights of my model (the company I developed it for had payed my hours so I asked). I got the rights, with some exclusions. That I wasnt allowed to use the original, that I wasnt allowed to any reference to the companies name. It meant I needed to redesign it. The audit model with Qi instead of audit in the central saw it’s birth. 

By using my Diamond model concept in governing practice, while suffering by the world of the psychatrist, I found out that the law of Shannon can be simplified to 4 communication phases,

  1. sender
  2. message
  3. receiver
  4. acknowledgement

I found out that simply everything comes down to acknowledgement, no matter the differences in complexicity in technique used. For alignment in establishing a trusted relation it is necessary to speak the same language, acknowledge the developed world of words between the two trust seeking parties and most important, while changing sending/receiver acknowledge the borders of the ‘jargon and knowledge’ of the sender or the receiver.

Understanding, both in small talk as in competence. Hereby I was guided by the words of my receiver (I hate lies and competence) while sending my hate (I hate waisted work). We acknowledged our competence in talking with each other on a trust base in the end by the 4 phases of Shannon, the essence in relation to the latest technical communication incident (15 dead soldiers).

After synchronisation by language because of a long time exchanging of concepts and words. Develop rituals (sometimes formalised in technique like the first marconi language of the telegraph). Alignment by trust on the rituals (eg my most Qi giving tasks was hope by interfax day by interfax day to get rid of the small talk of chemicals of the psychiatrist having her own bible of DSM5 in her own church).

Right now I am waiting for the most simple acknowledgement of technical communication, a date and time to meet with my psychiatrist, her right hand and my lawyer to talk about the damage the small talk church on chemicals use testing on my body.  And without any knowledge of testing results on the body of the psychiatrist, its just virtualized books. My new language to the psychiatrist will be the easies understaning in the world, the one the audit company said I didnt understand back in 1997. Money!

My legacy for a peaceful soul is that I was the one who didnt harm others, trust upfront and kept on searching for solutions, having my communciation skills as a base. I understand that there are people who arent understood by the receiver. I learned the essence of communication and marketing (#SEO) while volunteering. I learned the essence of the psychiatrist by studying their use of technical communciations and I found out that a psychiatrist trust its computer more than the words of its patient. The fairy tale of a psychiatrist broken, hereby the acknowledged exchange. Next meeting with my lawyer…..talking about harm, harm of small talk…like harm done to my body. Especially the last two years of my interfax day by interfax day ritual.