IoT asset

At the moment that the human being that is born creates breathes independently, it gets an anti-allergic bracelet on the body (if possible on the wrist) for identification. This is its personal #IoT asset. The location is re-recorded accordingly. The virtual twin era for this being begins.

A special official of the local urban area (procedure for citizens) intialises the chip on this band, which is subject to warranty conditions with the corresponding worldwide dealer network. The chip measures body temperature up to the moment that no longer is being breathed. The chip has an online connectivity where the universal location coordinate and universal coordinates are followed by the cooperating satellite networks.

The chip is replaced during the growth of the being by a working smartwatch that is related to paying taxes and other times when the being independently makes financial decisions. Clearly, the below specified human growth phases are related to generally valid hormone changes. With growth, life experience, mobility, vocabulary and the possibility of growth in communication are increasing. The being can make itself understandable / clear in increasingly complex environments and thus gaining integrity with social importance. Inherent to sharing life on earth is inflicting damage on this earth. The production of uric acid alone is an example of this.

Growth stages are:

  • 0-7 years, formation of character under the guidance of beings older than 21 years (the age at which the person is biologically mature).
  • 7-17 years experimenting with boundaries, learning to correct, developing passion / searching for a direction in which a contribution can be made to the social whole. Realizing the preservation of the beauty of the earth
  • 17-35 years of growth, the extent to which cell division wins from cell death. Responsible time for reproduction
  • 35-55 years of age in which cell dying will increase cell growth, less and less responsible time for reproduction other than with artificial help.
  • 55-77 + year degree in which contribution to society prefers to take over from society. This up to the moment when quality of life is no longer possible.