Human contact and breathe

Every day I take care for contact with people from a lovin attitude. As I live in a crowded and green city, Utrecht, people and plants are everywhere. The only thing I have to do is mobilise myself, get out of the door and Be me by smiling lips and eyes in almost every neighbourhood. I plan usually to make at least 50K steps a week and while walking or pausing a while i get contact. Sincere trusted contact where people tell me what moves them or in a positive or in a negative way or both.

I live in my city for over 23 years and learned to know people walking around in my neighbourhood as Well. We Greet and talk. Besides these people I meet with Neighbors, friends, sometimes family in the south of the Netherlands. Besides walking around (I usually plan my walk So I don’t wander) I Love my activities. Eg going to a sportschool or meeting in places where I find like minded, open, colourful and transparent people. Or I simply drink Somewhat in a café, my favorite spots I visite alone or with friends. Daily positive human contact, So important. If you don’t have iT in your structure (spouse, kids or work) then don’t Forget to arrange iT yourself.

Last Two years the psychiatrist disturbed my life a lot. Combined with growing internet contact I lost Some friends and family not living in Utrecht. I had to stop volunteering and made new plans. This website one of them. But my Daily walk to keep positive human contact no matter what I took care of.

The clinic disturbes my life since a long time. To diminish the impact of their agressive chemical oriented attitude I am interested in eastern habits since I joined my first class in this knowledge area in 1998 with Jade (the founder is a specialist in eastern habits called Chan Makhan). I learned the basics and kept on Exploring. After I stopped smoking (not a bad idea if you care About your breath) I joined in 2010 several workshops to learn Shamballa meditation (from a specialist in this awareness focused area called Dana Marshall Later I practised yin yoga regurarly and learned to explore my mind by my breath at Yogamoves. I planned in january 2016 to explora yoga more and by the end of that year I wanted to learn from the guru Sarah Powers (coming over to the Netherlands). But forced treatment out of nowhere since January 31st 2016 disturbed my body with chemicals So my year of recovery went different. I couldnt attend the planned yogacourses anymore and lost friends, volunteering and family. Besides that the project to Renee my bitumen roof became a mess. Crying doesn’t help for the rest of my life So I changed the path of Exploring my mind. Less yin, more yang. The day I was released from  the clinic, may 17th I Did sent my first tweet. Hsh ;-)) Twitter as a new base.

I went Back on the technology track, Explored blockchain techniques, became familiair with #ai and #iot and started to explore my associative mind (I call iT Einstein mode) to combine breathing experiences with my diamond model on technology. IT resulted in this website (after Exploring the value of my transformed diamond model on this seminar in Kensington). With every new breath, new energy came in. And my shamballa meditation kept me grounded in Daily life.

So, to explain breathing the easiest way to explore, download a guided meditation breathing app and start doing. The more you connect to your crown literally, the more you challenge craving for distraction from attention to your breath the more relaxed you become. No matter what life throws at you. Even in extreme torture experiences I had, my breathing techniques, my yogablock to open up a lovin attitude by chest and hip openers, Saved me because in any circumstance I could keep a peaceful environment in human contact, no matter what.

Breathing can become a skill. A very productive skill. Eg my mondhygienist could in no time help me sanitising my parodontitis (as a result from the clinical chemicals). Nothing painful torture, productive cooperation, breathing as a skill. 

I wish you less torture but enough Motivation to explore breathing as a skill,