Happiness value & finance by Law

Thinking of my individual banking account it is buffering between income (savings since I was young) and spending conform budget. If my personal, to my age related, debt is expressed in a unity that correlates to the general idea of new income (sources) and time related earmarked spending budgets then an exchange of value with my countries government, my basket (eg bank) or local environment can be exchanged. The unities can be part of streaming like exchange with a fintech supplier affording me by my limits my moving around. 

Moving around in a local environment, eg identified as a city countrycode (xdigits) while being followed by the videodevices securing this logistic area. For human made (eg cheese, fashion, industrial), cared for (eg meat, honey) or prepared (eg berries) by packaging goods exchanges it is easy to relate trade exchanges and define law for it. Look at Amazon. easy, efficient, optimal virtual exchange platform. All virtual.

Challenging exchanges are homemade (eg jam, knitting) with lots of poverty usually or natural goods with governments as owners that need safe extraction boundaries (eg oil, gasindustry as maturing in Russia). 

For all these circumstances of value exchange local or in the end global law is needed to allow the exchanges to prevent death of humans. Part of exchange are services to each other, sharing time (eg health, education) without specific change of goods, but with a result in ones debt unity (eg impact on income sources can be positive or negative).

Some actual flows of values needs rethinking. eg everybody spending time on his local imprint in the virtual world is not always productive for the value of the related local environment.  (New) Laws are needed for the value of exchange while adapting to the value of the virtual technical world for humankind on earth. Please rethink the use of technology for value exchange and take care for something like bees being able to deliver productibity to humankinds important sources, eg food.