Execution planning

I love to be in continuous loving dialogue, living in the moment with an open awareness for real contact with my neighbouring local environment. I have a feeling of home in Utrecht what I like to call my hometown where my town of birth is Orthen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

I adhere to several calendars while living TAO with planned milestones to execute. I love the Maya Calendar with regard to changing background reflections on impressions. I love my digital google schedule to plan appointments with myself or others. This in harmony with a paper one for big agreed milestone moments. Last but not least I love the Traditional Chinese Medicine one where I bring my energy constitution (QI) in harmony with the 5 seasons. If I have constitution doubts, I add the Aryuveda Calendar especially to analyse the element ether.

Most important for me is balancing between mind input and enough sleep to keep on calm exchange with dialogue partners for mind output, digitally or not. My prio 1 is keeping a peaceful personal constitution where minimum infringement of (Local) government is needed for maximum loving contribution in sharing my creativity with the global community. I love to shine (Yellow Sun Maya Calendar by my moment of birth on 19 march 1966) and bring warm welcome feelings to every other constitution.

Since ancient times people create images to shine authentic identities. These days eg logos of companies or governments. Or flags of people feeling united.

To share my authentic unity in identity for (digital) written form I adhere to my signature Antoniesworld. This is my third signature after the first one containing my fathers family name (used for a job agreement in summer 1981). a few years later the specially by me designed second one using my first name Antonie and initials including the first character (E) of my familyname when by age 18 a written acknowledgment became more official. Recently I have this design extended with the word ‘world’ to Antoniesworld as the most recent and hopefully final one (already used besides digital space also on my official drivers license).

So when real milestones are realised conform plan, then most of the time I can finish paying attention to it by signing with signed Antoniesworld. Eg I look forward to be responsible for my money again with my own signature on requested tax forms as personal financial contribution to related governments. Awaiting the ethical jurisdiction moment for this juridical VALUE, I sign hereby