Dialogue, Forced mind and nonviolent proximity

When I meet my peers they are all afraid. Afraid of the psychiatrist, afraid to suffer again. All of them. All because the psychiatrist has a forced mind full of theories in which we are the sick creatures they should take care for by chemicals conform the books. That’s their educated goal. The books change, so the sickness prescriptions too. But hey, they are sane and we, the peers, are not normal.

How many peers I met suffering from the fact that people think they are not normal I can’t tell. A lot. They feel inferior because someone with authority used the might to tell them they were. Diagnostics in the Netherlands. Chemical prescriptions, blood level test, medieval torture by the clock. 20 minutes to prescribe the next dose. Regularly 1 hour and 15 minutes to analyze the effect. Learning conform their own studies and their own books that we should be cared for. That they know what is in our minds (the hypocrites) We don’t know and we dare not to tell cause we get only more torture if it is outside the mindset of our low level educated personal. And you can tell me a lot, but not that people can read others minds. Not if they study 12 years, even not then. So, their mindsets, lets keep them to themselves instead of frightening people.

Peers in my neighborhood heal. I can give nonviolent proximity with trust for years. Reflec the words they dare to share out of their forced and feared minds. Congrats them with the result of daring to trust themselves again. Yes they heal, chemicals or not. Only because I treat them as normal persons in a normal way. And I can understand the burden out of first hand.

Some die due to the chemicals. Some die due to the torture (several deaths and suicides I had nearby, including during clinical times). Statistics speak for themselves. And by growing older the somatic problems, especially the moving parts and the metabole syndrome seems being accepted as a normal situation in the clinical environment, where there is everything but not as healthy food as at home. Suffering all over the place.

Certified psychiatric patient in the Netherlands, declared that my diamond model and the use of it is insane. Hereby.

Forced minds are the ones who can’t stand any infringement anymore. Who had enough. Who protect themselves by thinking NO. Who don’t open up out of self love and because lots of fear to change in a way they have to suffer again. Forced minds, I met lots of these. They stick to their own small environments, are mostly depressive but don’t dare to explore the environment with new challenges. To afraid to suffer again. Fear, all over the mind. I recognize fear anywhere cause I thoroughly experienced by clinical times what it is.

Feared minds (including mine) protect themselves. Hereby my borders, I don’t want forced chemicals anymore. I don’t want injections anymore. I share with my peers at this place www.enikrecoverycollege.nl Here we share, here we care for each other by listening to the torture stories, the exclusion of society, the easy way people lock us up with the law in the hand. Mostly only because our mindsets are not understood, or our ‘mad certification’ is handy to misuse. Therefore we are sick. Not normal. And that’s where the suffering starts.

September 24th, my next retreat. To release the burden of last two years and try to conquer the fear again of hopefully not being tortured again. Wish me luck.