Contact, my interpretation of #GDPR

This is the Website of Antonie van Eggelen, Utrecht, Netherlands.

From Vladimir Putin I love to share the next 3 values, which I gave my own explanation how I sustainably deal with this every breath of my life. To conquer my freedom of mind I guide my mind by breath instead of machines to keep healthy my body/mind balance. From this point of view you share the connection with my website and its contents to heal your own life, use your own breath. Feel free to explore the techniques offered but don’t think I can be in any way liable to your freedom of mind. If it doesn’t broaden the healthiness of a peace guarding you in your own local environment stop then the intrusion of my website by yourself. Acknowledge your own freedom and please feel responsible for it. In my contacts I call this living #ai. And I guarantee you, it’s sustainable from my working experience point of view.

(1) Life itself:

I take care for my body, especially my breathing core so that my energy battery is loaded to have personal power to share love. In any doubts I connect to my breath and I trust that i can take care for myself.

(2) Love
I love sharing love (differs from sex) from an unconditional attitude to any sex influenced by any sexual hormons without prejudice. Like Jack Ma I love to say that this #LQ is more important than #IQ or even #EQ. I want everyone to share love with #ai borders and I love to be alightning example / guiding light in this technological world.
(3) Freedom
I live from the #ml (machine learning) experience when it‘s there, it‘s there – when it‘s not, it‘s not. Having all kind of mindful experiences (I love to explore my relaxed open mind 24 hours a day) I wish to broaden people‘s mind with my knowledge. I trust that i‘m flexible and creative in my mind to solve problems I have to conquer with in every day life. Planning hours to serve my own website will make part of my future weekly schedule. And by my own rules, if I get too much disturbed by it, I solve the problem. So I reach out to you to respect me and my website and support your own mind efficiency by reaching out to me only if you can not solve your mindly problems yourself.