Capilair magnetism balancing

When aged young a lot of energy is unconscious flowing to #growth of cells. While growing it is very important to keep the belly flat as possible, cause stomach tension & growing stomach capacity will lead to more food/liquid #sugar requests flow and less #magnetism #trust interaction. Therefore one can become impatient in awareness while the goal setting becomes more and more problematic for the environment. While loosing contact with the environment, energy will stagnate due to more and more problematic #trust interactions. One can become alone and without #Qi flow can become lonely too.

A good practice is keep the heel low, the toes rested on a higher surface and lengthening legs, body by stretching your body up with hands risen to the universe, preferably tangled in each other, inner surface up while stretching the arms. Balance. If problematic, learn to balance first. After that one can add chair posture (yoga) in this same practice, mind shoulders and butt down in a straight line to #Earth’s surface, full heel contact while still arms stretched up with hands tanking #magnetism from the #universe and give it a capillary route to the #heels on #earth. The whole Du Mai & especially Du Mai 8 gets calmed.

When retrieving every day a more and more calm mind, one can get slowly to add movements. Eg walking or maybe later when the bones can carry your weight start with running. When becoming a thin posture again fitting the bones, one can add practices not for the slow heel of the foot but for the fast ball of the foot. Gaining speed in muscle movements while keeping balanced with a peaceful calm minds of lots #Yin endurance training. No threat to the environment. The #challenge of #QiCong mastering awaiting.

The opposite of #Yin endurance training, mostly an individual practice is more #Yang oriented measurements. The maximum of #yang is internet obsession. Or any other digital screen interaction obsession. The belly will get fat due to mostly sitting posture. The mind will get stimulated to interact over and over again. If this is your diagnose and you want more productivity in diversity of appointments, start with relax time and sleep. Time not to interact. Time to become first more passive before tackling an active life.

Start of an active life can be difficult. Literally the first steps outside your door can become a mind blocking thing. Even leaving a door can become difficult. Give yourself time. Only with patience and understanding that it is just detoxing an addicted mind that needs time to become again a mind that steers muscles active. Give it time. And when start walking, then walk a lot. Forget the negative thoughts of (im)possibilities. Enjoy the environment, the differences in weather, and prevent more and more active time behind screens.

When fully active muscles again, enjoy life and your productivity to be able to plan any task. Screen time or not.  Muscle time or not. Only a healthy remembering mind can steer the body parts in the right direction. A too yang mind blocks appointments with the self and can become a negative spiraling mind out of control. When (b)ordering an isolate yang life, do the yin #magnetism practice regularly to get again control on appointments with oneself and feel immediately the trust one gains in this case. No more critic thought on oneself. A relief.

And when also the mind stops planning while senses enjoy more and more the active time spending in environments awareness for every moment senses input grows. With awareness always be cautious. It can become distrust in others peoples environmental background (negative thoughts in a crowded living environment). Always be sure your mind doesn’t give ‘ underbelly’ feelings to act. Stay in reality that other people also are aware off. And if possible with screen time, align the environment with people surrounding.

What do I use to balance regularly in between activities a simple corks Yogablock standing underneath my sacrum/pelvic floor, balancing on it while my back is parallel to the floor, legs stretched in Pilates mode and my throat offered open, head leaning backwards, looking behind me. I love this intensive practice inbetween moments to switch to more active life if I don’t feel becoming more active. It is my yin pause for my mind.

Wish you lots of fun, exploring different mind sets and mind modes using capillaire balance practices. Standing or laying. Find out how you can gain more and more productivity in ability to steer your mind.