Blood and food – enzymes – temperature intake

I explain that you take care for your energy by telling how important the intestine is in relation to a happy brain. When under stress, always take care for a good filled intestine to deliver the energy needed for a lovin’ attitude. Grains are perfect to fill the intestine regularly. Underneath I use the structure of the 5 elements proven health care science, so you can analyse your food intake yourself.


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TCM: Element Earth
When we are born we get sweet mother’s milk that teaches us the need for sweet (craving). To deal with this in an adult way, it is important to get in touch with the benefits of a stable blood sugar level and with this as a basis to organize your diet. The portions limit to a maximum of 80% of the stomach contents to prevent the insulin pump from being switched on. This human control also gives the chance to keep the hormones ghrelin (trait) and leptin (saturated) in balance.

The aim of the nutritional policy thus pursued should be to focus on a healthy intestinal culture so that the intestinal nervous system positively influences the brain (the happiness hormone serotonin is 95% produced in the intestine). This causes little stress and therefore limits overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands, so that they do not easily become exhausted. The nutritional policy could use the glycemic index to keep the stomach acids and to prevent the depletion of the pancreas in balance, the glycemic index of the diet should not be too high, so possibly add healthy fats to the diet to promote optimal digestion.

TCM: Element Metal
Now the food comes out of the stomach and is further broken down until finally in the colon where during the digestion the food with oxygen from the lungs in the blood and energy can be transported in the cells. Important in this is that the percentage of muscle cells and fat cells remains in balance until the required energy is delivered and structural exhaustion is prevented. The hormone balance is therefore guaranteed. As long as it is guaranteed, a person is in balance. In case of imbalance, use can be made of probiotic bacteria.

TCM: Element Water
As a person grows older, the hormonal balance requires more maintenance and the function of maintenance (Mn role of muscles and in women after menopause also less and less rely on the monthly cycle) is important. The ancestral Jing stored in the kidneys will be addressed earlier and can lead to a long death process if this kidney energy is depleted. In short, make that, the energy will be supplied by food (no filling), energetic water and clean air (oxygen). A health cure can consist of juices, soups, smoothies and salads. In short, by depleting the glycogen stock too quickly (to measure weight loss because also the related moisture is excreted) then quick recovery / sufficient rest recommended. By the way, heating food offers lower nutritional qualities. Exceptional heating is frying, which gives the contaminated substance acrylamide as a problem for the next TCM 5 element phase. During the heavier digestion, the proteins are also broken down, a lot of animal protein can lead to acids that cause bone loss again. In case of toxic contamination (alcohol, coffee) / exhaustion, many nutrients leave the body via the bladder through the bladder. It must be prevented that pollution / exhaustion becomes a negative spiral.

TCM: Element Wood
The energy is delivered, time to clean up waste by the general of the body, the liver. Also prevent that there is no fatigue (keep blood sugar in balance) and that there is no blockage in the secretion of bile for the ultimate fat digestion in the small intestine. The intestinal membrane must be prevented from becoming damaged (keeping blood sugar balance) and leakage of the intestine causes chronic problems with the immune system. A health hazard in this is the monoculture of wheat in recent years. Also a lot of meat can lead to rotting in the intestine, the human intestine is actually too long for digesting a lot of meat. It is possible, provided that enough fibers are consumed at the same time. Very important are the substances calcium d-glucarate, glutathione and chlorophyll in this. Essence to help the body in the excretion of waste.

TCM: Element Fire
The energy-enriched blood is pumped around, through the heart, the necessary healthy fats (cholesterol) are used for the maintenance of the blood vessels and the brain. This cholesterol also prevents the pancreas from becoming exhausted. The fruits are maximum, the cycle is complete.

The next TCM season is element Earth again.

Note 1)
The monthly female cycle presents the same amount of hormonal balance as that of the whole life of the man. This is because the woman can bring forth life up to the menopause.

Note 2)
The attention for the negative welfare balance that keeps meat consumption instant offers also ballast for Gaia. In the event of the replacement of livestock farming through the diversity of agriculture, the health of the earth and people can do well at the same time. The danger of antibiotic resistance also differs directly.

Note 3)
The higher the biophotons in the food, the healthier the food chain. Bio dynamic farming therefore has my preference. Also the fruit not cross-fertilized with sweet taste is better for the blood sugar level of mankind.

Copyright Antonie van Eggelen, Utrecht, December 18, 2016.