Audit dream

My audit dream

I am born 1966 and as soon as the audit profession for technology came to the Netherlands I joined the movement. My first project was a specialization as part of ending my Fontys education in 1991. Before Fontys I explored two years the Informatica education, also in the city of Eindhoven. That wasn’t a success, I am far to practical and couldn’t study for 3 hours a day, daily. I loved my sports (12 hours high impact aerobics every week) and all other kinds of science at the school. I learned the most important unities and loved entropy of the chemical science, the magnetic theories of physics as much as the computer workshops I hardly attended. It was at Fontys that I became aware of a responsibility for a job and so my passion became technical audit.

After Fontys I fulfilled the 3 year technical audit education in Amsterdam and after that an the international audit education of ISACA. I worked several years. also as a Dutch RE. I was a member of NOREA and also a time chair(wo)man of the activity committee of that organization. I was a bridge builder. Eg between the financial auditor and the technology auditor. After working at the Computer Audit Service Center of Deloitte I moved over to the auditors of KPMG. In 1997 I developed the diamond model at that organization (for which the rights were granted to me in 2006). Soon after that I got my first psychose and unfortunately the agenda of my young psychiatrist became more important than my contributions to the audit world.

But…I didn’t mind. Audit was my passion and I kept studying to go from a Dutch to a global level of services. For 9 years, from 1994-2003 I corrected and examined students works for the Dutch education on ‘Administratieve `organisatie’. Weekly it took several hours time to contribute to the workshops and results of the Amsterdam VU Students.

But the blood creeps, so in October 2000 I wrote a summarized economical report for Russia (which had very hard times at that time) and in 2005/2006 the first time antoniesworld came in the air. Daily a blog on the relation between technology and society for over a half year. My site got hacked and somehow (ahum the practice of the auditor…) I lost the backup. So no copies left. The volatility of the digital world.



Besides technology I came more and more interested in the human part of life. So I got certified at Ggz Steunpunt and later at Markieza I learned how to help someone personal recovering by letting him extensively write his life story resulting in perspectives on the future. I was a coach for some time too.

In 2018 after again two years of contributions to Russia I am starting again antoniesworld. I hope to blog regularly. Different now. I redesigned the diamond model from a technology perspective to a human perspective. `I hope supports me in profile building for me as an auditor, hopefully to be again. Even more seamlessly the balance between humans and technology.

So, autumn 2018 by now. I try a language course this autumn and if I succeed in results, so proven that I can study I wanna re-certify at ISACA in 2019. If I succeed as a certified risk auditor again (my audit habit I never lost) then I hope to conduct again complex technology audits In 2020. I would love to lay my hands on stuff as Musks gigafactory of Russias Rostec for example.

So far my audit dream. Hope you wish me well and follow my progress.