Activities & logistics

Thinking of the Tesla roadster circling in the universe giving its actual coordinate to Elon Musk I find these universal coordinates as the most important dark data of Musk’s businesses, Anyway, like the Tesla roadster as a battery system with communication technology to send and receive it can move a destined ‘road’.

The logistic move of the IoT asset can be measured. Instead of continiously polling where the roadster is (continiously asking actual coordinates) it can be better to use the ‘smart’ functionality of the device that it can send from one coordinate to the next planned one its trajectory to the base station. This planned (#ml programming) sending can result in effective location coordination without the inefficiency of continiously polling the actual location.

Moving on Earth we should have smart devices that can coordinate the actual location in an effecitve way. I like an economy where a smart watch is related to the lifecycle of a human, a silent communication transfer while using ones own senses to connect peaceful to an environment.

A human can easily respond to for the human strange but for the virtual filmed environments using robotic eyes (eg glasses having Qualcomm chips) #IoT devices including robotic eyes, ar/vr possibilities, after the smart watch the next step for the human mind to conquer. Cause the continiously interaction of the human mind gives #needforspeed attitute where the peaceful relation to the environment can become stressful disrupted. 

Virtual related by the human mind to its natural input of senses, a technology conquering humankind, sometimes forgetting that we need to take care for our natural environment, our nature, our earth. By moving around we can explore, even if it is only using vr glasses while sitting still.