Belly button day

Here today a special day. The day when I got 54 years ago, in 1966 my belly button closed in open air. The moment I had to breath with my lungs and as usual on doctors request had to cry out loud. The start of an exploring adventure called life and my life, I find, is like living in a movie.

My first 4 years were in Orthen ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Ending up in that neighbourhood going to kindergarten. Loved that neighbourhood more than the area I had to live the following 15 years, 4e slagen 12 in a so called vinex area. But I saw the whole area being built with living space and that was interesting too. The role of concrete, central heating systems and electricity. Still small bath rooms as not too much luxury and of course if not good cleaned the concrete damping problems with warm showers on small gas heating systems called gas geyser. Gas instead of coal. Big step forward.

From 19 till 25, yes 6 years I studied everything that was connected to the digital era. Then I started working with this knowledge and studied further to become a technical auditor. I managed but as a woman didn’t get the professional trust. Was looked at as a technical specialist (which I was too) but the fact that I mastered the audit profession was not being recognised truly. A pitty.

Nerds took over the world because a professional auditor(s) didn’t tame them. We got fresh water problems as human kind. Melting ice with as a result the coronavirus problem to solve #multilateral. Technical audit hand I had in that ;-)) cause governing support I found more important than entrepeneuring on a small electricity price. I can be a perfect peer worker with nerds, again the role of a technical specialist, but in my heart I am still an independent technical auditor serving governing pro’s.

I loved working since October 2000 with Vladimir Putin and it happens that due to confidential exchange of #law related text how to govern a democratic state in an internet era I fell in love. Thats what I still love to celebrate today, my love for Vladimir Vladimirovitsj Putin.

Yes, I have a happy belly button day. And how am I gonna celebrate it? A friend of mine comes over and we share our life tales as woman. We smile, are busy in life both of us and keep on nurturing our bodies. And me? All the difficult years I had to manage since 1997 I celebrate with the nurturing knowledge I gathered during that period in explaining doctors how to heal corona with #TCM knowledge I studied also.

Wish every one a fine day, especially Vladimir. The flame in my heart is burning still for him specially.

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