The birth of a new Diamond model



As you can see on my notes, I am busy with the relation between intake (food. oxygen, magnetism), blood pressure, heartbeat level and waste management (sweat, urine, feces). I am especially curious about the transport of O and the relation with containment of H2O by the body. Of course it is the mind (see Twitter antonie19031966) that orchestrates the bodily functions and of course you feel well when you can adopt to the appointments you make yourself with yourself using your mind.

So today I started writing and the first draft page (Capilair Magnetism Balance) I have finished. During last semester I took time to go a few weeks yin (not allowed by my psychiatrist but anyway I did) and discovered a whole new balancing method using a corks yogablock. So eastern habits become eastern VALUES, which I do certainly love. How I use it, will be published in writing.

I plan to work a lot on this model. Part of my plan is to gather knowledge while travelling old *.eu #FreshWater #SmartCities and find out how water containment exist not only in microcosmos but also in a whole bunch of creativity in construction of macrocosmos. I hope to be allowed to see with my own eyes locally in these area’s how #FreshWater is managed and contained over centuries. And talk to youth, as I plan to visit hostels, about worries with regard to their #FreshWater of the future. Creative young open minded people I am very interested in, from a professional point of view.

The next draft page I can finish soon is the page called Plexis Solaris Circulation. I distinguish three points on the Ren Mai that are important. First Dan Tian area, second Plexis Solaris Area and third literally Third eye area. I learned myself a technique to circulate energy in the second and I think for longevity most important part of the Ren Mai, the plexis solaris. Both for relieving magnetism down to the Dan Tian or up to the Third Eye gives endurance in water containment. Cause using the plexis solaris as a transition point for magnetism flows, it was possible to redirect fluids from the down part of the ‘drieverwarmer’ up to this highest part of the ‘drieverwarmer’ and while doing so relief of fatigue. Eg doing 2 hours abdominal exercises easily, just by steering the magnetism round over Ren Mai and Du Mai while containing water. Nice challenge eh?

So busy here. Wanna finish all facets of this Diamond before writing the central part. And last but not least, read it all over and publish in a routine like the previous one. Hope to finish this autumn and web all summer experiences in between the draft pages to highlight the explained concepts with realistic objects that can be recorded with the senses.










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