Tension relief

While exploring life, especially after again cultivating YIN again transforming the emptiness into YANG explosive #surface #tension management with #restraint ;-)) In the meantime managing diversity in #location with off course the usual #challenge to create #teamwork as a manager while letting #teflon go because of my #independency as an ethical #EarthComplianceAuditor. Love my teams ;-))

As usualy busy and the amount of new creative thinking about exploring #Earths cultivation (not as a planned process but as an auditor to view how people manage their local environment since #stone age) I hope I am allowed by our Dutch Government to travel again.

My plans are 2020 ETHICAL! #EarthComplianceAuditor most important #smartcity water management during summer holiday 2020. After that thinking and exploring again some measurements (also taking during the trip good blood measurements with a #reliable not showing Western YANG ALGORYTHM results🙂 ) to write down the text as usual to show the new Diamond model as published. Procedure as #IoT 2019 PROMISED ;-))

With these results the next step, the CO2 Diamond model. Again winter preparations, trying again a new level of multilevel effective awareness management and #smartwatch measurements. No new #tech investments planned. Lots to do with more and more #restraint #mindrequests while as usual exploring a new maximum yield in yin/yang. In my opinion nothing to do with extremism, all with ĺife itself… my way of contributing… trying to understand the senses to the max while letting a childish but not less responsible form of mindmanagement take over.

How? Keep on exploring languages from their original regions. After 1976 Russian (group 6 nowadays another child in Buitenpepers school with his father working for Grasso Moscow showing me the alphabet to learn…), 1985 Spanish (my first bustrip to a Spanish region, Salou… lots of #tension (un)loading memories ;-)) 2012 NT2, perfection of Dutch… 2018 Russian again yearly now, addicted to it because of the relation with #tech…2019 adding Arabic, loved the script exploration, wanna study it yearly too because of the relation still with low water consumption stone age #Hygiene, 2020 curious to both add Japanese and Turkey. Off course to support my ‘ḿadly in love’ contacts with #loyalty.

So far a new beginning in 2020, Wish everybody a happy New Year and my love a merry Xmas ;-)) present for you, my new blog…







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