Spiralling dance

Looking at the challenges of minorities forming a group in relation to (b)orderissues I am wondering a while on what is really the case. I am thinking of the Irish backstop (Brexit), the industrial quest of Donbass, the lucky solution Crimea has found as a minor group asking attention, the still pending security quest around the newly nation Georgia and last but not least the quest of Kashmir Probably many little hotspots in Eartheners world asking similar attention. I remember Barcelona. And God knows where else

The problem with the existence is mostly the quest on MONEY. Who is gonna invest (eg in Kashmir India seems planning to invest) and who is gonna to be the lucky group forming unity (In Kashmir I hope the 80% muslim society gets the respect). Then the new question, who is gonna to pay taxes for what. Looking at Crimea it seems they want to pay taxes now to Russia for protection and being thankful for the energy transition MONEY injection including being de-isolated by a bridge, the Crimea bridge. The lag behind *.eu part of Ukraine still suffering…and not because of MONEY

You can tell me a lot but not that a heart is in the end taken by MONEY alone. Somehow it needs cultural bridging and from my personal experiences living with a love for Russia in the Netherlands with #mh17 pending I choose in the end for the safety of a trusted, confidential relation with my open, loving and creative mind. My body still in the Netherlands, my love in Russia.

Open loving mind, in the Netherlands as a minority of people payed for a madness disability by the state. How do I live? I love to dance, not only literally with my two feet but also in company spending time with people paying attention to me out of shared trust. Both in the non screen world, mostly around Utrecht as in the internet world, eg with my own website hereby but also on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other social media. Facebook hardly, Youtube not yet. I spend time sharing with people paying attention, eg I learn pilates by De Workout, I have an anti-madness support team at Altrecht, I swim with several different friends, I pray at Draaiweg 44 and other holy places, I make my steps with several friends, I bike, I practise (Yin) Yoga several places incl Yogamoves and I meditate a lot to dance with my own brain, to cool it in a way that my spine thickens its communication highway as a result. All kind of attention time I spend to dance with my neighbouring nature environment including the humans paying attention in it.

Neighbouring nature environment and dancing. Maybe we should not look at the hotspots on Earth with the idea of making a moment in time to define the involved unities as an asset. More as a group to invest in and let flow. To recognise and accept its authenticity. To support its growth. Eg Kashmir, India simply has more money to invest in the Muslim majority to give the region an authentic profile sharing it In a #law system that should reflect #noegoism as a basic. I look forward to the Geneva struggle on the Syrian Constitution as a universal base for #law on shared #soil by telling about #sovereign ways of eg timely collecting tax or eg timely giving protection using one or more armies. (b)orderissues all over the place like Idlib, the Kurds and other problems the #sovereign President Assad faces with people paying attention time to listen and try to contribute #lawfully. Not solved yet…

I pin my hopes on Russias 3+3 system where the political differences in a system is an object to talk about, to dance together, spending time and listening to each others differences and accept authenticity. Russias 2+2 system was foreign affairs (Lavrov) and protection (Shoigu). Transforming to the 3+3 system in the meantime giving creative room (of course within the #law) to younger Russian people interested in governing a #territories unity like the 11 timezones with MOSCOW TIME as central time. Moscow where Napoleon traveled his own long salt paying march…

In mind the fact that political systems differ, eg the Dutch have a king signing our laws where in my beloved Russia the President signs the (b)orderissues and the related cultural dances. Our king dance with the Belgium one for a land swap and no one cares this intercultural exchange of minority living on #soil. Peace all around. That kind of peace I wish to all hotspots, probably being part of the *.eu family saved a lot of worries.

But *.eu has also (b)orderissues as Brexit, Greece, … and Donbass shows. Call for authentic self of the related unities living in those #territories. I wish all those unities by a UN protecting umbrella of disputed territory a spiralling dance with all neighbours to talk in a 3+3 system to share attention on protection, on paying taxes, on getting investments and most of all not to be neglected cause when there is no time for attention then the dance is spiralling out of rhythm with all negative peace consequences we know.

Back to me, I am still a unity, prepared to talk about my by skin holding together parts in a Dutch donorregistration by 20190926. With the call of Greta Thunberg again to contribute to the max on unity of earthiness on 20190927. I hope still breathing 20190928 and who knows even one day able to share on Russias soil my spine works using telecom for whole Eurasia…

I wish everyone fruitful dancing with respect for each other, planning time to listen, to share with an attitude of #noegoism, staying humble and grateful for every breath given and who knows moving whole economic ecosystems in a way Crimea does…or doesn’t anymore. Time in the end is the asset to solve all problems, let’s dance in time, spiralling into peace on and with #Earth as the highest goal of all for all eartheners, feeling united yet or not.





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