Thanks to something like human eyes, the mind gets impressions, related to locations, to reflect on earlier inputs. Somehow there is a need to grow in maturity in relation to human age that direct the quest for reflections. Eg a energetic young person wants to explore change in environment while a pensioner is more reflecting on the lessons of his childhood to understand the less energetic contact in an environment where loved ones simply decease.

The reflections by a baby mind are to absorb the ever longer distance impressions can be seen. Later eyesight can give (in)abilities using (digital) lenses or screens. The (hybrid) impressions feeding the mind gives maturity by experience & awareness. Whether the focus is the past, the future or in most peaceful cases, the actual moment.

Eg. by creating (digital) schedules to share availability a whole new industry, literally :-)) came into focus of humankind. Our mind got more and more trained on logistics, trying to be perfect to remind details necessary sharing to go from sharing senses services environment to service environment. Cause I believe humans are somehow loving creatures that wanna help they started planning on creating physical humankind designed assets to share.

Planning in relation to movement by logistics, in relation to time activates a certain part of the brain that gives a #needforspeed drive. Every young child that encounters something like a car knows its word to repeat in the language learned and loves it functioning. To drive a car we introduced age as a limit to be responsible to combine the #needforspeed inputs with the responsible growth of the brain functioning for awareness how to control the acceleration in relation to the brakes. In modern age it seems that the love for a car is transforming to the love of combat with #needforspeed bullits, especially digitally. The relation with digital combat zones, from entering a terrain to leaving to the next warfare level gaining helping assets can become an olympic sport. Humankind, learning how to use #tech in a mature way.

Back to the title of this blog. Reflection. I love, when humankind plays with its accelerating mindspeed, to REmind humankind on a way to deal with its ethical #health. The most simple reflection needed is the one in the mirror. Can you still feel responsible for the tasks you assigned in DIALOGUE on all those locations you (planned to) visit? If living in the moment, do you have open, loving pupils of a creative mind living in the moment or tense, narrow, feared focused ones? If narrow, what is the source? Chemicals? (like they force me to to reduce my natural mindspeed to a level that average neighbours can follow). Not living in the moment? Eg busy with plans to control the environment to realise a (digital) schedule with focus in the future? Or fearing impressions from the past that you can not perspective to understand a realistic environment with a loving mind?

Lets share the hope on trust. Trust in the relation that humankind can keep on living on #Earth while all these human minds created assets endanger our lives on it. Trust that we can  as a global community focus on details necessary to breathe the next morning, enjoy the sunrise and use our muscles to compete with the laziness of the automation provided. In relation to age, learn more and more to perspective while caring for important details that can establish a more or less peaceful logistic location. Simple learn to love your actual mindspeed, learn to reflect, to accept and join the company of humankind sharing each others company for help. Digital or not, while being aware that digital speeds up the mind where focus on breathing cools and rewind the mind.

So, if you are able to see in the mirror your narrow focused pupils of your eyes, be aware where the attention is in relation to the next mind quest on reflection. If your mindspeed is too high in the past or in the future, feared or too hasty to listen, please let it adapt to a necessary level before harming the peace on the location where you are heading.


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