Yesterday I was at Eise Eisinga Planetarium which was developed to give structure to the universe in a neighborhood in turmoil due to the fact that someone predicted chaos as the end of the world by colliding celestial bodies. The given structure still represents the solid working of the universe.

Solid. While Earths organization with ancient trees and ice become less solid with the minute humankind is also losing solid structures. Eg by switching from pmi industry (solid 24/7 structures shared around central assets) to pmi services (less solid in Sharing productivity time in human groups) the entropy evolves in our lives.

As a result of interaction with ‘smart devices’ to support our more and more flexible schedules it seems some solid communal structures come under pressure of irreversible chaos. The time that America ruled the world is behind us with the challenge to find organized structures around more equal regional questions. Good neighborliness as a big challenge. No matter the differences in individualistic perspectives.

Individualistic perspectives. Not yet supported by relevant big data as a new solid global structure of external memory to build on, a little bit as the chaos to be solved as done by the mentioned planetarium. Pressure on regional governments to find their way in using timely relevant data to communicate the inabilities of today’s time. Preferably in a dialogue where there is mutual restraint in friction.

Dialogue with the young is not easy. The young, totally addicted to share with their personal external technology mind versus the older generation still used to communal ways of sharing in between human (political) rituals. Acceleration of changes including climate changes and working climate changes.

The search of humankind for more solid structures in sharing. Eg entropy like changing regular family meal times and gathering schedules in personal agendas and personal buying incentives when the mind calls for it. As a result of these requests more and more in timeslot defined streaming services to stimulate the mind.

Stimulate the mind. In an almost irreversible way addicted to automation. Where is the muscle power gone used to build pyramids? In what kind is your personal schedule evolving with regard to follow actions in relation to passive screen time versus active use of muscle time to conquer the challenges requested by weather changes? Like the patience challenges for the first farmers to let settle down to let local crops grow instead of continuously hunting in the wild?

Back to continuously awake times. What automation is planned in relation to less solid flora & fauna diversity in defense of human nutrition? After the pmi food industry services now pmi farming industry hours to centralize money too? With more and more poverty and need for healthcare as result?

I think it is time for governments to start a dialogue on sane balancing of the mind with regard to enough solid structures to work on together with the young. Elections as a vehicle to drive the way forward. Communal journalism as support.

The young I hope not only addicted to external incentives provided by their external minds but conquering their internal minds by using muscles more and more. Hope not to fight with the police but with their personal incentives to built communal structures that fits also sharing possibilities like the elderly did. Be creative with the use of external minds and start sharing ideas by building (technology) bridges.

On the way to a solid communication structure for earth using external (technology) minds and hopefully enough understanding to respect the benefits of something like solid in available actual governing structures. And I can tell you from personal struggle, to stay active in sharing muscle power in defiance of less and less addictive passive screen time following incentives is a huge personal challenge.

To conclude with Nike, let’s do it.

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