Small talk

These days peoples attention is not the way I think the human creature was designed for. When I travel, listen to what people talk about it is not about the beauty of life anymore. 80% of the young talk by using their #tech with each other (in the neighbourhood or at distance) about the logistics the #tech #apps deliver. So it was not a surprise at all when the Dutch had a 112 #tech problem that there was not panic at all cause there was nothing to talk about.

small talk, the quality of life. A flower that blooms and catches the attention of the eye, the gratefulness of a happy child that tries to learn to express itself by writing, cosy family parties accepting personal choices of the visiting family members without trying to interfering on their life out of fear, small talk. When offered can give huge quality in loading someone’s #QI.

Anyway I know from myself when I am derailed a little cause the amount of associations between all the details in my mind in relation to the details in my neighbourhood don’t fit reality anymore, I am saved by small talk. The weather to expect, the steps to make, the taste and ingredients of the food to take and other cosy exchanges of someones attention for the local environment where residing.

Small talk. When not used to small talk and overworked in only a functional working environment there is not more to talk about then the work itself. My experience is that the step to learn small talk is a big one. Maybe an introvert all over the top working pro loves the silence more. Convenient silence to me is also totally no problem. The maximum of attention of the environment around and the peacefulness of each others company.

I look forward to constructive work contribution as long as there is needed to prevent a new turmoil territory, look forward to exchange peaceful silene when sharing each others company but also would love to share cosy moments in simple environments to let catch our eyes more and more the little things to point at for some cosy small talk.

Until then I have totally no problem living as a survivor, doing at leisure the most complex tasks with my trained and educated #teflon mind while walking life’s path in the planned autumn direction communicated with many.

The future? time will tell. Until then the normality of my Utrecht life and reloading Qi by small talk with anyone giving planned company.

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