Reset, memory reload

#G20 tried to find common understanding. With the reality of a heatwave in Europe, probably related to melting arctic ice, I sincerely look forward to the common developments of humankind to survive on #earth. Common understanding needs #respect and new #milestones in a search for global united solutions.

To contribute to these solutions it is clear that a positive creative mindset is needed with awareness of something like a national identity in (by Osaka way) a new era.

A positive mindset is not comparing with other (nations), a negative antitrust feeling as basic. No a positive mindset is searching for authentic use of national possibilities. I live in this regard the steps that *.nl made with regard to climate change. Now it is up to the Dutch people to color between the given lines their contribution to fight climate change. Positive about this development I gonna talk with my building owners about our possibilities to reduce #soot.

A next positive step I see is to contribute at #un level the #national reflections with regard to the #Paris Climate accord. I very much look forward to the New York meeting decisions to decide commonly this autumn already it seems even the ‘einzelganger’ USA wanna contribute and I love that positive sign.

Further I am glad that common sense prevailed and that ‘einzelganger’ steps were not supported as the most positive exemplary role. I love therefore the move from the IPU from New York to Geneva where there is more attention for regionalization than for isolation.

On the same page I look forward to Europe’s PACE to respect anti discriminatory way forward. Again, looking at facts that are not related to authentic identities but related to discord on opinions on others authentic identities is not a positive and constructive way forward. I acknowledge the search for a ‘national ‘ identity is not always easy but I think complaints about someone’s else’s identities, even though by searching similarities with others, is a negative way of communication. It soaks energy, from everyone. Why? Cause it doesn’t support the simplicity in communication based on authentic values fitting an identity. Please go ahead…

Further I love the positive developments in the Mid East. A search for neighborly common understanding. I hope #Syria can give impetus on doing things together as more trusted neighbors now. Of course with respect to the #sovereign territory of #Syria. It seems foreign forced as the west are acknowledging that a reset was not bad. Here also, the way of being anti (-Iran) was not the right way of going forward. President Assad can try to find a next step now his #territory is cleared from #isis. How to govern by #respected #trust from the #Syrian people as the next step in the search of this nation.

In all these developments it looks that oil states are busy with the search for diversity of economy. Given the possibilities of #science and #tech. Not an easy task. Eg Venezuela struggling with something like a loyalty system question. Or Saudi Arabia to establish a more modern economy like eg #Russia. I expect cery much from the next #g20 preparations and I wish Saudi Arabia lots of success in preparing this event. Of course I wish it global support in the search of becoming independent from #chlorofyl burning economy results.

Talking about #Russia. Very beautiful developments I think and trying to share it with anyone. Eg the preparations to exchange knowledge on #respect for #regional #possibilities based on authentic identity in preparation for an Africa summit with a global view in #Sochi this autumn.

All with all I see humankind in positive transformation and I a peaceful way searching the path forward. Due to combat climate change the big quest of a slowing world economy as a #challenge. Glad the war using the word sanctions stopped, another positive #g20 result of DIALOGIE between the two biggest economies. And to remark it historally, pictures around the world of an American President Of North Korean #soil. I hope for this region is also a start made for the search of how to contribute #regional #peace in #neighbourly #harmony

Wish every one a fine week ahead. Lots of love, signed antoniesworld;-))

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