Defragmenting centers of trust

In my heart I still feel the pain of defragmenting centers of trust. One of the first after WWII was he Soviet Union. By conquering a western English language broadcasting marketing machine, producing lots of industrial waste in a run up to less and less sustainable production era’s using things like telecommunications to the max. The defense couldn’t be payed anymore, exhausted generation begging for bread and salt as a result.

#Poverty all over the place. No way out cause the only education realised since beginning of 1900 was the one around defense (industry) of the territory. Hard second WWII lessons, please look up yourself the shrinking amount, yes feel shocked by the numbers, of LOCAL people in big cities like Leningrad or Stavropol or Volgograd or… Silence of a WWII generation the west doesn’t pay attention to. Probably not fitting in anyones English language marketing strategy.

Anyway left over millions of people still struggling for life on #earth. An army in their heart as a way of defense, as a caretaker, a guarantor to unite instead of a warmaker to defragment more centers of trust.

I remember Baghdad burning. An ancient trusted heart after being ‘modernised’ with force (the green zone as new alien heart) still struggling for #poverty and #water rituals. Something about not being ruled well and the related area became overloaded with new aeroplanes after the warmachine calmed a while. Still an area of attention, struggling with lessons of a caliphate, on the road to salvage an ancient area like Iran, if we don’t care after Syria the next center of defragmenting because a lack of trust.

What’s trust. I think an important question. Trust is gone when people are not understood anymore. When there is lack of DIALOGUE. Lack of interest (and I don’t mean money). Lack of attention for someone else’s ecosystem. Thinking egocentric from your own ecosystem and interpreting as an addition in your own mind impressions is natural. But hey, someone else’s mind made other impressions since childhood, had other circumstances and should be understood first before opening your mouth to convict and ‘modernise’ with (democratic) force or sanctions.

First see struggle, eg the way Russia is struggling to let its democratic system grow step by step, trying to learn all it can from the combining European way but of course having its own difficult oars to row its boat, not to forget something like #poverty. Still the army, not as an aggression but as a mature way of centering science education around its history defined industry. A way of trust.

In Europe we were helped by the Marshall plan after WWII (marketing??) to rebuild trust. In the Netherlands we found gas (now we have earthquakes as a result), money to rebuilt our country. Lots of dialogue and European industrialisation around #mobility. The #EP19 as a result of the other way, instead of defragmenting more combining. Underneath lots of voices and of course always problems to solve how to centralise trust. Eg how should Germany pay for its use of roads….trust…and money problems to be solved.

After industrialisation came digitisation. An important new commerce level after something like a telephone or other industry using electricity. Still #tech and #science but with such alarming speeds that lots of centers of trust are on the edge of defragmenting. So trust building on a global level, initiated by wise (wo)man struggling every day with the results of rebuilding trust

I sincerely hope this trust building road goes on. Without new victims of being not understood in their way of bearing responsibilities for their governing centers. I think if we should go on the road of sanctions we should relate it to something harming #humankind on #earth. Certainly not only from a forcing western point of view. Sanctions for things Like more and more unsustainable #tech developments not yet discussed and understood enough to minimise #waste  and #defragmentation to the max. To conquer without respecting #mature #election #design. Because of??? conquering?? of developing #mindSETS and keep on producing more and more #waste and #defragmentation as humankind?

#Waste, we all know our plastic pollution as a result of using #chlorofyl to burn. And a warming #earth seems also related to something as #humankind using #tech. I hope humankind starts paying attention to trust building as a way to survive. A slow way, yes. With far horizons, eg 9,7 billion people by 2050 on #earth to care for. Recovering the amount of #chlorofyl above #earths ground, Or something like combining forces to explore the universe, instead of conquering the universe without trusting other influences than the one you were born with in your own (money) ecosystem.

#Trust, the second you loose in your mind trust in somebody, first try to understand the other first as a rescue for #dignity selfcare. I wish everyone, yes everyone an open, educated, trusted and loving mind.

And if you need reflection? Only think about the role of electricians in your history (industry) struggle and the actual use of it in your (yes or no digitised) neighbourhood. And when it is a western neighbourhood, better think twice and reflect not to ‘modernise’ with force, #needforspeed or other #tech driven #mindset ways resulting in #defragmenting #centers of humankind #trust, leading to very big #humankind #questions and only slow, very slow ways to #rebuilt a #center….

An actual question? eg #Damascus, #Caracas I think should be solved in human dialogue before daring to talk about #needforspeed #Libra.



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