Cowboys & respect

Respect is something every human takes care for. Respect for body, mind, soul. Souls are calming in nature, just try it yourself.

Beside respect there is curiousity. Curiousity in a way how other humans or creatures solve their interaction in relation to nature. Humankind is mighty in this regard, cause it invented a lot to conquer and talk about nature.

Now we dealing with #tech as a result of conquering and I hope everyone’s, including Trumps awareness is that it is time to balance #tech for our survival on #earth.

#Tech needs design to think about the minimum waste as possible. I think it is time to combine human minds globally to combine efforts in reducing waste and minimize pollution of our #earth.

#survival and #tech. Before the digital era, in which we developed #tech to communicate with each other #globally and could use words to impress other people, we had simply #firepower. The American cowboys well known.

The American people invented skyscrapers, planes and the results of both during 9/11 as a protection from humankind asking respect for nature came in #global awareness due to #tech. Respect, dignity, questions to think about.

Whole communities share their #fear and develop or buy defense. Every community it’s own #characteristics due to #ancient rituals. Most communities in one way or another connected to the #UN, called United Nations.

I think if we can respect nature (my #chlorofyl) with rituals and respect our own curiousity to respect others rituals related to #food and #water that nature gives us we have a basement to built a house like the #un to solve #tech questions. To understand everyone’s way to conquer #fear to #survive.

Important I think is to talk openly about how we wanna use woman’s wombs for future generations and the amount of #people on #earth needed maximum to restore our #balance with #waste on #natures resources. A big question for #humankind we can easily solve with firepower and is a #challenge to solve with words.

I prefer that we use the #un to talk about #fear. To talk about the use of #global #tech to communicate.

The #un, based in New York, sold for 25 guilders from the Dutch to the cowboys because it was not fertile land. The #value OF NEW YORK WE CAN TALK ABOUT CAUSE SOMETIMES ACCESS TO THE #un is prevented by the cowboys while they openly resist to respect other people’s wishes to care for NATURE including the wishes of the young too,

I think respect and dignity win in awareness. Understanding too.

I hope that understanding humankind’s dignity and respect to have DIALOGUE IN multicultural COMMUNITIES (Eg the OPCW and its recovery) prefers above the #wrath Of 1 individual representing COWBOYS FIREPOWER.

Cause the American president can do a lot, but he can not force people to share their passion for NATURE AND DEVELOP FIREPOWER FOR COWBOYS NEGLECTING IT THE SAME TIME.

SO, remembering WWII, the longest day on the northern hemisphere the Sun represented in #nature rituals since long, ….

I think it is time for a cowboy to respect #tech #waste minimalization instead of trying to get #capex investments in both an #arms race and a bunch of #space #waste too.

Cause my simple human mind tells me, no matter how much #anger will be #thrown in #words using #global #transmission #tech, the end of #peoples patience listening to it can come soon. Time for a COWBOY TO SHOW RESPECT.

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