E-functioning & MONEY

I think iT is time for Recovery of #earth. Prio 1) take care for our #chlorofyl. Especially old wood, So sorry we used iT for trade in medieval times in a #search to the other end of #earth. Now we have #google #earth & #ISS & digital people can see the #earth is round.

Not everywhere is the #earth #flat. So the use of eg an electric wheelchair (eg Stephen Hawking) on a mountaineertrip to #watch ötzi forget iT. Glad that mummie needs electricity now to pay for.

Prio 2) Lets reduce plastic and take care for our personal waste management. To stop polluting our drinking water.

Prio 3) If we need a mobile car, Lets Find out How to solve the question humankind. Child labour for battery minerals, a serious discussion I like to combine with the e-waste discussion. You can not ORDER but not eat your e-waste So start thinking about that. One digital click for shipping (Mind the fuel!) дома.

I generated a lot of e-functioning lately. So I have e-waste. Time to talk about the last mile on ORDERING IN RELATION TO WASTE MANAGEMENT I think.

As there can be trade I would love to give it a financial discussion, preferably G20/BRICS combination cause #customs in #sovereign areas can be a DIALOGUE TO TALK ABOUT. In this case I am thinking of the non-natural #african borders, probably drawn with #needforspeed mentality. I loved to take care for #sovereign #WWII borders by #yalta/#nato.

Let’s all respect the human creativeness of #sato while also caring for #earth and it’s #demograohics on it.

I think #governments are the right bodies to do that and I think there is nothing to hide for. In the end my school lessons told me that MONEY was a thing for exchange. I hope #dignity time comes in now #awareness is there.

I wish every one luck, and remember I live to master money but I don’t RESPECT the West polluted (maybe without #awareness until now) #earth by #tech.

If I can advise a DIALOGUE topic, let’s be #chlorofyl and it’s waste in relation to humankind’s SURVIVAL on #earth while exploring the #universe.

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