Footprint awareness

I like to draw everyone who is serving his of her housekeeping by himself to the following attention. Since industrialisation after WWII the west invented a lot of housekeeping devices. It started with the vacuum cleaner (that replaced in simple Dutch households the sand from the floor in tapestries) and soon came the washing machine.

A washing machine needs water, electricity and a way to dump its waste. Water, these days contaminated with plastics if you select cheap clothes made from oil instead of cotton or other #chlorofyl sources the west hardly seems to care for.

I would like to let you think, if you own a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine about your footprint globally and try to image your #smartluxury in relation to other regions on #Earth.

In the Netherlands we do clothing (with India) since VOC but I heard from the Indians that the West disturbs its way to produce original fabrics. We all remember Gandhis trip to London, he tried to explain that India doesn’t need Englands industrial ways of managing its LOCAL environment (by the way led #poverty grow so the poor people had to go to Ireland for #bread, on the way to the USA).

So, a little peep on #tech in relation to #ethics and #human dignity globally. In Western Europe our #Rotterdam container shipping area is famous and we support with our economy a lot of waste management in our river water going to our Nord Sea. We wash, shower and do lots of things with #oil and our drinking water without giving it a second thought how our #smartLuxury has a relation with #poverty. We are on the road to respect #earth more while taking care of the young. In my case I love to think globally.

What I love in the Netherlands is our water management and of course we love to #learn and #improve to do our LOCAL best. We are a delta. We try to respect religion as a freedom of choice and we have #LGBT laws since 2001. What I know from our industry HISTORY we care for humans. And what I know from our MONEY we care for that too. Our Dutch guilder had a side calling “God zij met ons” so we hope of course for a way to serve the world with our TRADE.

Water, shrinking ICEFIELDS is where I care for. The role of #soot. And in the meantime quality fresh water to take care for while our ocean water could have less #plastic pollution. My mother probably never thought about these consequences buying her first washing machine in the end of the ’60’s. She took care for the MONEY to raise her kids so she used her HOUSEHOLD EDUCATION so Serve people who bought her services instead of DIY.

DIY, cars came too. preventing people from cycling and asking for asfalt roads (to transport water to the SEA WITHOUT THE DELAY TIME BY DOING IT UNDERGROUND). The #gigeconomy next. And we did in our FLAT NETHERLANDS more and more underground. Central Heating for households, from coal to gas. A lot of invention and cleaner with regard to #soot. Trees we hardly have cause of our MILLS AND VOC SHIPS that needed wood too.

So, a peek view on our ACTUAL NETHERLANDS where we (cause I am Dutch too) love to contribute to the maximum #recovery of #Earth by #respect for #humankind. As we have automated the TRADE SYSTEMS into MONEY systems and we like to reduce #poverty I can imagine that a washing machine can not be available to all. But #ethics like #respect and #dignity for not #Western like communities I think is possible to serve GLOBAL PEACE.

Lets remember how we did #Dutch history on Industrialisation by #vocational arts people using their hands instead of only admiring the minds to contribute to more and more #tech. Lets respect simple housekeeping tasks globally and try to find a way to think of other regions too.

If we wanna have abundance in #clothing, what is our #footprint? With regard to the future of the.YOUNG globally? Or can we stick to #minimal waste to introduce YOUR OWN #smartluxury with respect to possibilities LOCALLY. Can we care and share for regions without abundance of water sources and if there is abundance to stop #polluting it?

Another question, what about our e-cars? In relation to our YOUNG. And the YOUNG globally? So please, share my concern if you use GLOBAL DIGITAL #TECH, please think outside your OWN comfort zone and start acting LOCALLY to contribute for a better future for humankind on #Earth with RESPECT.

Thx for attention,

Wish every LOCAL COMMUNITY a viable REALISTIC future, while I keep on loving to share my concerns as a daily habit. I hope you take a deep breath, some silence time to become aware of your own role in this world.


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