Time machine

The most important thing I would love to teach the YOUNG is that there should be time to RELAX instead of an endless treadmill where you need to burn your #healthy muscles to survive. Relax, in a sane LOCAL COMMUNITY with respect to ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE that has formed this socioecosystem. If this community is abroad, eg the moon or mars, how are you gonna to contribute to a #healhty social order?

Relax is related to TIME and we all know a week since it is described in Genesis 1 of the bible. 7 Days to manage from nighttime to daytime to contribute. As I love the highest level of management in my life it is QI, from birth to death consuming my ‘kidney energy’ by keeping it to the max with #food for 60% & breath for 40%. So please, serve yourself reading this with a deep breath to RELAX.

While relaxing please reflect on you OWN SOCIOECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM. What has VALUE, why and for what. This in relation to TIME. Since ancient times in our road of HUMANKIND USING TECH we bothered about our FOOD to gather, mostly there was water in it or nearby too.

Our road to #tech leads now into the UNIVERSE, we explore if we can find water to gather #food for future LOCAL COMMUNITIES OVERTHERE. In this exploration I like to draw myself the attention to our #Earth as our ACTUAL HABIT TO TAKE CARE FOR. Maybe while busy with our #Tech ecosystems, mostly to transport MONEY VALUES, we lost contact to share #Earth with a diversity of creatures. We introduced MASS LOGISTICS preferably LOW COST FOR ALL while suffocating lots of central centers of #smartcities to become. So we are ALL very busy in our 24/7 but what is the positive result? And in this case I don’t mean MONEY but TIME AND VALUE FOR YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.

AS YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY, LIKE MINE seems to be in some #sovereign border of a #tax #state the question is what is your relation with #TECH? Did you contribute to what? Why? Who is suffering because of your deeds? Why? How did you use the #tech TIMEMACHINE to give #relaxation to whom? Why?

As I love #tech systems related to #Earths Values because that is the only way HUMANKIND can AUDIT and RESTORE #healthy socioecosystems GLOBALLY I like to put forward the next #governing question…

How will we get to reliable #Tech sharing VALUES including MONEY AND TIME for #healthy #smartcities while also respecting #native ancient people sharing traditional community values IN NATURE AREAS without being interfered frequently by INDIVIDUAL #TECH.

#STATISTICS SHOW THE WAY. Mind: the transfers to LOW COST unities like the invention of containers for shipping, pallet for trains, and other ingenious solutions to #speedup #tech and solving #rushhours. But for anyone counts, we are not Icarus.

In my #tech ecosystem I love to support #governing. And I would love to keep my #Earths footprint as #healthy as possible. Yes I have my dreams to contribute. But that needs language control and travelling to serve other LOCAL #TECH COMMUNITIES, cause also I have #nerds capabilities, eg analysing any kind of #TECH operating system in relation to its LOCAL network exchange.

My specialism in bringing in HARMONY the relation between HUMANMINDS, their interaction with any environment (including the use of INDIVIDUAL #TECH) and their relation with LOCAL NATURE while respecting this #earths NATURE TO THE MAX.

I wish anyone a positive #footprint on #Earth and especially #governments more relax TIME to find #national solutions to respect NATURE to the MAX, governing something like a money wise #tax ecosystem. Why? Because the biggest #tech congestion problem money wise seems to be how to get a viable humankind ecosystem on the MOON…and humankind has spot a lot there but no #chlorofyl yet.

Thx, for attention, I gonna to eat my #kasha, ;-))




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