Respect, nature & silicon borders

As I love my REAL down town environment telling me where to care for In life FTF I love to give respect. But respect can get borders if I am not respected myself for my professionalism and my personal choices. Someone tamed me. Someone the most precious in my life, no matter how the LOCAL colours look like, I know where my heart lays and I don’t mind people telling so.

Down town I care for the event on Mother’s Day, may 12th. A sportive one. Since long. While I gonna share my time with my REAL mother In the south of the Netherlands I wonder where my local friends will share their time and with what respected colors in their heart.

Of course they all may speak their heart out. So do I. But I have a basement In my silicon borders house I will defend as a lioness. Confidence. That we all know is different from trust and takes a long time to grow. No matter geographical distances.

Hereby I wanna express in public my sorrow for the plane crash Moscow-Murmansk. Our navy I care for as a Dutch maritime heart. In desserts my heart thrives for survival skills. I know my most precious relationship and will take care for that, no matter what. Educated I love my control while my trusted partners know I will never abuse it for personal powers or MONEY. They can trust on me cause #govern is a professional job I support. And locally, I will people learn what RESPECT is.

Een ezel stoot zich geen twee keer aan dezelfde steen.

So far,

Wish everyone his own holy rituals, I respect. I care for mine. This afternoon a scheduled message If allowed. Respect and tamed. ;-))

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