Governing requests authority

As I support #sovereign #govern by WWII boundaries (#Yalta) I just did my global round on (financial) news and I am glad I can conclude my most important trusted partners can keep on #governing cause the trust is in humans hands instead of in the communication systems from civilians.

for #fintech this means they have to find a way to give consent to #national banks related to #sovereign #tax systems. Any #fintech I mean cause also important #cloud #owners wanna create their #EBITDA using #cash transactions.

To bad, most #clouds are related to #credit streaming while REAL good markets are related to labour for logistics of related goods, of course including #food.

As #food is related to NATURE we should care for humankinds survival on #earth to the max. Survival is often related to addiction, and I can for sure say I am not addicted to anything to survive,my  besides some quality food I manage by my weekly payment of EURO 185 every Tuesday. This week also used for PMI Services of my hairdresser and since long planned red roses flowers for #Russias military surviving and celebrating #victory in may 9th.

So I gonna walk tomorrow down town to Anne Frank Statue and lay the flowers in remembrance of all those people lost in WWII. I was there of course also may 4th to remember the Dutch dead souls.

As a LOCAL walking friend, for sure not a lover and has never been a lover, asked me to walk by this statue by friday again I will do. I asked what he wanna remember, he didn’t tell yet. So I am curious and will take time to listen as usual.

Friday, closing day of this turbulent I look since 20010 forward to 6 pm UTRECHT TIME VALUES, cause there is a very, very strong relation with the switch in diversity in #grain markets at that time. I care for diversity, LOCAL CIRCULAIR ECONOMIES TO THE MAX, end of medieval #health related #monocultures. And I love to give my LOCAL ATTENTION to RETAIL by #monopoly positions.

Logistics, not all walking distance, I wish my trusted partners fruitful discussions BY dialogue with respect, but as in any relationship if trust and respect is given, I expect trust and respect in return.

I sincerely hope for a fruitful and trusted alignment in communications on 20190514 #sochi where I support REAL AFFAIRS IN GOVERNING TO THE MAX.

Mind: I am just a civilian, not a politician and I love sustainable #tax to contribute to communities peace. With regard to this #tax #year I hope to switch my #tax to work related income again instead of keeping #NURSES busy with #respect for their ecosystem and related education.

For me a daylight communications day ahead, wish everyone fruitful reflections on independancy of addictions. As I like to say, enjoy life, its short. And my way? I like to stay fit and share #LQ to the max while my heart is taken for a special love.



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