Water & pollution

As my father was not a plumber I excrete the drinking water I take as an acid on #earths grounds. And since 19970621 I was forced to excrete lots of chemicals too, pollution all over the place. Right now I hardly use chemicals so after a long struggle my (forced) footprint is better.

As we are with a lot on #earth, using water, we pollute. Fact of life.

So we have to look at systems to pollute as less as possible. I know from my #health experiences that I retain the water better if my core is full muscle. So I take care to stay fit and retaining my water to the max. I love to consume a lot of water cause it gives me a creative way to function. When tortured in the clinic, my water always flowed out the lowest point, complaining to my nurse of unhealthy living conditions forced into. Muscles was the next problem. Movement forced to my own toilet, bed and couch cause the water came out all directions due to forced 25 mg cisordinol injections last year while I was not psychotic at all. Forced by law to pollute #earth to the max while living short to the max. Asking my most trusted partner to take care for my legacy.

Still breathing here. So arises the questions, what should we do to balance water?

In the Netherlands we have drought all over the place. Nature telling no lies. So we try to store our water in the east of the country to prevent mass drought this summer in the west. Watermanagement we are known for contributing to the max.

But as I look around the max isn’t sufficient anymore. So we have to think about our last use of our glacier water. Can we store it somehow? Can the European river become more sustainable, less waste?

Can we use less chemicals, not to pollute to the max. Including chemicals like soap to become more resistant to bacteria ourselves. Hygiene measures. The most polluting places like hospitals also the biggest hygiene problems. Worth to think about our #health culture since medieval times. How come we neglect nature by introducing forced #health based on bibles like DSM 5 and other stupid creativity of the mind to threaten other people telling their mind isn’t worth functioning and should be treated as not #healthy. Giving #stigma and #fear to the max as a habit of functioning in a job. Glad it is not mine job, disrespecting other people to the max using authority, fear and force while polluting #Earth to the max.

European VALUE question is to take better care of our water (and ice) reservoirs while polluting as minimal as possible. Thinking about use of meat as part of dinner taken. Cause its not only the protein but the amount of water you are consuming not efficient. It took a lot of water to produce the meat, it takes a lot of water to consume the meat. Or to say with Harry Petsanis, a lovely @twitter contact, it is the ripple-in-the-pond theory all levels humankind like to explore (isbn 9781796445596 if you wanna waste wood for paper).

So European politics should address the European water quality and its use and retaining as an important question of this time. Asfalt doesn’t contribute to retaining water. Cars pollute. Lets learn more from the East of Europe to restore the West, try to think of money different. Not to modernise but to learn from how we share our water. So maybe a way to solve the immigration problems, also to maintain maximum quality of decent agriculture in Europe.

Wish the DONAU region well in DIALOGUE,

Maybe share experiences with the world while in Europe being grateful that we have enough drinking water yet


I am thinking of Africa and will keep on contributing to global society to the max as long as I live,


less and less polluting…as I like to take care for my footprint.



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