20190506 TRAIN

Now the digital time for UTRECHT CENTRAAL is saved I can use its scheduled function to reach the south of the Netherlands next Monday. This to support my mum at her dentist visit and to talk in the afternoon MONEY at Kompas Financien, Ht. All prepared, Delta Lloyd relevant products with the help of @Apple support retrieved out of my time capsule, printed and posted while ago. Now Delta Lloyd is changed to Nationale Nederlanden I gonna listen to my mortgage possibilities.

As I love sharing my freedom possibilities I asked for a meeting the next day. I will find out if I am welcome by travelling again by the train. This to give some reality to my YIN project in full DIALOGUE started yesterday. Preparing summer plans.

By 20190514 I gonna call to *.ru conform plan, to check connection possibilities. Eg a trip to Saint Petersburg to celebrate 1) life itself, 2) love and 3) freedom. VALUES I share with my most precious relationship since long.

I look forward to a REALITY CHECK ON LOGISTIC POSSIBILITIES IN RELATION TO PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES on the road to #EP19 where I gonna vote using my driver license.


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