Social value & your next breathing day

As I care since long for my footprint on #Earth while I try to maximise my contribution to community by sharing body, mind and soul including hand and feet I think the time is ripe to question, regardless of MONEY, what the value is of your next breathing day on #Earth. Familyvalue can be important but lets not be scary to think about our last breathing day. What did you contribute to humankind and what did you extract, both from #Earth extraction as from #Qi extraction from other people. No matter for the Western world if your insurance pays or not.

For the Dutch KINGSDAY was a nice reflection. What was your location and why? Did you care for your own babies? And can these babies in the future survive without you? Every SUNLIGHT DAY BY SUNLIGHT DAY, how much were you distracted by just surviving instead of living? Did people enjoy your company? Were those people valuable for a next breathing day? And if so, why?

Again, the time of #death is unpredictable but can be arranged in the Netherlands by different #laws. I think with regard to a growing population on #Earth in relation to #Earths use and warming it is time to VALUE peoples contribution. And yes, demographics can give actual problems to be solved. In the Netherlands I care for the young, and globally I would love to share responsibility to keep on securing the 4th generation in bloodlines to prevent madness of mind.

As being captured as a psychiatric patient to be cared for since 19970621 I tried to contribute to #Earths value for humankind to the max. I think my MONEY trail shows the sharing while contributing to the community surrounding me. And yes, @KPMG got me professional out of the building by police on the #train to #Utrecht while preventing my professionalism contributing a KPMG.COM. Ladies luck I think, cause I surely didn’t want to deliver a baby of flesh and blood using the community surrounding me.

As I abide by @altrecht laws I prevented by 1998 services also to get out of the clinic by accepting a baby of flesh and blood by the new community surrounding me. I was pregnant of my Qi diamondmodel and  delivered it in the end with support from a programmer from Germany. The Dutch neglected my questions.

Since that time I started using the internet to contribute to the global community to the max. I think it is time to return a value to me…what value do you deliver your next breathing to day? To whom? why? To support a positive #climate change development including a positive working climate or are you just consuming Qi of the people surrounding you by existing paying your expenses for your dreams to deliver one day VALUE.

Some people are at the end of their lives, can not contribute anymore, posses money and assets and don’t want to think about supporting their own Qi but only consuming from society. I think it is time to talk about SOCIAL VALUE in relation to ECONOMIC VALUE and get a balance in DEMOGRAPHICS while conquering the #gigeconomy for viable social communities in your neighbourhood to the max.

I wish everyone a good reflection, especially of the last period since x-mas 2016.

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