Preparing Wednesday Tanenbaum

As I love #tech with responsibilities I am preparing Wednesday Tanenbaum. With 10 euros debit for actual #pintransactions right now on my ING ACCOUNT and some #savings for food on my @ING_ECONOMICS ACCOUNT I expect 185 euros for this week supplied on my account from my RABOBank debit account till next Tuesday. To end this week in a positive mood I want to buy a YOGABLOCK at Yogamoves in my living area WITTEVROUWEN, UTRECHT. This to support YOUNG Gab with her Pilates practices she can share by teaching @DeWorkout.

Tuesday I planned @DeWorkout In the morning after calling my mum to question her #health. Later I gonna share a walk with friends downtown and need no money for HORECA this time. I will carry water and walking shoes, can be high heels my case.

Wednesday morning I gonna join my church community to listen and talk about the bible in relation to the SUN TRAVELLING. I will listen to the experiences of the Childs group that should have been visiting RADIO MARIA on Tuesday to sing in choir for DAB Broadcast transmission by 9.00 am Wednesday morning.

After that I gonna visit for a new IProject with the @Apple application numbers to get it launched. See how I can use Withings data imported in this number application by eg Yandex browser facilities. Big question to be solved, called it not for nothing an IProject as a member of community.

I can not stay long cause by 11.00 am I have to be @altrecht with my Regio TEAM to meet my weekly appointment to discuss my agenda and my #health measurements including #tech measurements. Wanna know my blood pressure, my length (cause I started lengthening the spine again by #pilates) and will talk about eg my sleeping hours and rhythm and my IProject table registered in numbers.

Further as discussed with the Dutch person responsible for my freedom I gonna exchange CRISISKAART results and will ask to collect UTRECHT CITY officials important for Dutch #laws #IBS, #RM, #TBS and all related justice connections. My TEAM for the song lessons learned of Carrie Underwood to ask to meet again by ?? Probably we work together on my @altrecht digital file and will sending requests and follow up with as usual managed by me as requestor of PMI Services. The agenda of the meeting we can prepare also with the @altrecht TEAM. Maybe not directly this Wednesday but we can make a start.

After that I go home, probably replying @buurtteam with the results and an invitation to schedule again an appointment in my living space, bouwstraat 30bis.

With these results I think I gonna prepare a Skype meeting with the German programmer supporting me on his free Friday 13.00 UTRECHT TIME. An agenda to meet and people to inform and to involve, eg @SMinaev2015 from Stavropol as a copyholder of this kind of activities. So far my preparations of my YIN Project (see blog #challenge accepted) yet.

Will keep everyone informed, and register the daily progress on *.EU by following the European politicians including see them preparing a practical #EP19. Really love the results and still love sharing my old days with Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich.



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