Define: New Utrecht TIMEn

While walking we started at a busstop and followed our own way by using my knowledge. We went old waterworks LUNETTEN and made pictures from all kind of logistic signs in our way дома.

As I still dont use any Carrier for my @apple pictures I gave again No AIR to the @apple cloud. So I kept my phone on Airplane Mode. This means I have to agree on WIFI use in DIALOGUE. At my walkings friend дома was the first place we encountered on my way home. Just making my steps, ground control as usual.

As lately in the news was that our Domtoren didnt give Utrecht TIME anymore. To await 5 years….

So while walking having my watches with not all equal digital time in sending and receiving globally I had to define a new LOCAL UTRECHT TIME that can be shared by our Local population to synchronize their appointments.

This quest came clear in solving by walking our road and making new pictures. And while making pictures, I hope to show on instagram Tomorrow using the experience of my TEAM the pictures taken.

The new UTRECHT TIME Seems the time showed on the digital busstops we encountered while walking our Lunetten way дома to meet our appointments of TODAY trusting another #breathing DAYLIGHT Tomorrow.

So far our stay fit walk and the use of WIFI. Utrechts quest for logistic Rush HOUR by bike as the BUSTIME related to DRIVING speed в центр SEEMS TO BE SOLVED TO GET SYNCHRONIZED RETAIL TRANSACTIONS DOWN TOWN.

I look forward to meet my friends again this SATURDAY 16.30 LOCATION MITRA, Lange Viestraat, UTRECHT where Lange Viestraat 1 seems the most #smartluxury location I know downtown UTRECHT.

PS. MITRA Stops serving food somewhere around 201908 due to CONSTRUCTION work to give value to the BUILDING PLANEET on this street.

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