Countries on the move

As I live in a small country with a housing problem chasing nature to the #max I was wondering where this abundance road building started. I remember my mother said to me in the 60’s the Dutch government loved 2 kids per house for a sustainable #tax on living conditions, eg housing, eg using cars or other public transport but also the rights on longevity using pensions. Something went wrong on the way to heaven, the start of the #gigeconomy and its multicultural multiethnic challenges related to logistic problems.

Logistic problems became literally cloud problems by modern #tech, so someone took the courage to guide governments in #control of their #tax again. Here I do my best to support the Dutch Government while in the mean time taking care for my #charity foundation with @realDonaldTrump as the finance man and @Kremlin by Vladimir Vladimirovich as the person to oversee and control the global needs.

So sorry the Dutch missed the boat in 199701 but that is HIStory and I like to live in the moment. So I have DIALOGUE with wise people surrounding me and I think for a sustainable future, no matter which Real Religion the Dutch civilians adhere to I think woman should bare maximum of 2 kids to have a 4 person family with sustainable finance and more longevity than my 58 years. I would love to contribute my footstep on #Earth as such.

As I respond to the White House youtube transmission of the warm contacts between Japan and the USA I think the USA should not follow the road of *.ru by rebuilding its country by #warfare technology. This would trigger an arm race and not really respect the problematic situation Japan would come in.

So, car trade. I see a few solutions. 1) Think of biking in rush hour city centers, design biking roads for the YOUNG and gain sustainable air quality by using public transport with as less #soot as possible. As global warming is a reality, we need less demography but the solution should be solved per country by #healthcare possibilities using #tech like #smartwatches. These centralised #smartcities should have #lastmile concept for circulair waste management where #design by #vocationalarts in relation to PMI Services with as maximum as professional TRADE jobs in RETAIL as possible. Yes, breathing, living communities caring for each other and not taking money for personal assets but granting money by sharing services. Eg a cup of coffee to talk about differences in cultural backgrounds without indifferences in consent. Really love trust progress in politics with regard to this.

So it is not how to protect but how to assist each other, using a TRADE DIALOGUE in relation to sustainable #Tax to guide by. As I realised spending my pension for quality living years to result in a hard and hart @ecb euro I think national banks should be independent and my #charity foundation :-)) can rule because of hard cash of both DOLLAR AND EURO combined by #interfax. That is the basement of the building to build the world on from a #fintech/#banking point of view.

Cars, how to reduce logistic movements to the max, regaining #nature and its #creatures on it while establishing a circulair economy based on good designed #wastemanagement. Thats the #challenge to talk about. Including harsh questions of the quality of #finance related to #age per country and the movement of humans on the move threatening local cultural bloodlines. In the USA I REMEMBER ME WHILE DRIVING A CAR A LITTLE BIT LIKE BELGIUM, lintbebouwing but than with bigger distances….if buildings needs to be replaced, try to get a community building in the center (which doesn’t have to have a religious function but can have a food/sport gathering function).

As I love to underscore #sovereignity I would love to have #passport management to get someones related civilians home to the max. Eg a big challenge for *.cn to host its passport holders in its empty #cities to realise #smartcities with circulair communities respecting #wastemanagement design and reducing #pollution to the max. Much better than eg trying to introduce Chinese #smartbikes in Amsterdam with LOCAL LOGISTICS PROBLEMS as a result. Not very friendly. Or eg waste #health of people by an aggressive #sugar TRADE industry. Not very friendly too.

As I love to give a balanced discussion I love the #SEO marketing of our DUTCH SIRE at the moment, Called ‘DOES LIEF’. So I enjoy tomorrow gulf talks in USA by DOES LIEF and find a way to combine the car ecosystem to demographics in relation to #tech possibilities while talking about families of in the Netherlands a maximum of 4. This to support #Earths ecology to the max, reducing #Earth population. As leaders lead, I did my best to have a quality 5 years going on here.

And for Russia, soooo glad abortion stopped, lets find a way to solve the housing #poverty problem without threats for #kievrus bloodlines or Afghanistan green eyes.

And Military, maybe next discussion ground on how to solve LOCAL problems, #sovereign territory destination can be #Afghanistan to meet in DIALOGUE?

And China, I hope it accepts its responsibility with regard to its bloodlines pollution too and gives housing in *.cn no matter the freedom resistance of their passport holders. Or to say by Dutch SGP education I share with my neighbours children of flesh and blood, lieve koekjes worden niet gebakken.

So far my Dutch trade mind, I share by the way with all my friends in the Netherlands no matter their church or mosque, therefore lets solve it moneywise. @realDonaldTrump, the floor is up to you, use your #Tax to the max, hopefully in HARMONY with your Silicon Valley GUYS WHILE I WATCH THE SILICON CURTAINS.

EG USA, sharing 001 telecom with *.CA now watermanagement problem. South border with Mexico in relation to #BRICS affirmation. Try to get a *.us for clear telecom and physical borders as a #challenge for your #Tax. Big challenge, support you can find by your TRADING PARTNER @abe in relation to #smartcity #osaka G20 as a next milestone to conclude results of your ongoing talks in progress.

Wish every country on the move luck, Thx for #sovereign borders yet. New big challenge, related #Silicon borders while establishing electricians on the ground to realise #sovereing telecom areas that fits REALITY.

My personal silicon curtain to watch is *.EU while watching also #EP19 results and HARMONY in relation to the border with *.RF (Russian Federation). I love my trusted teams but I love my confidence with my ‘dearest friend’ above all.


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