#Anorexia clinics

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend. We meet regularly lately due to our LOCAL environment sharing. We talked about #anorexia cause I have several friends dealing with that sickness, some in the past, some still going on. Anyway it isn’t an easy life sharing food if the past is haunting you still some way or another.

#anorexia sufferers want everything out of their mouth and out of their intestine to get as less as possible in their stomach. That is the mindset of someone still suffering #anorexia.

My friend told me he had eaten some pain with an egg and should take some coffee later. As I knew he likes my food I invited him to dinner. So we shared food, thanking for it by learning from each other the way we were used to by our parents.

We had a good time, I showed him my new YIN project I was busy with in the @apple environment using a table in the application numbers. Further I showed him how I make easily a #chlorofyl smoothie by having a good icecrush blender in my kitchen. We shared a smoothie and I food prepped in the mean time some smoothies for in the refrigerator. I told him his body would react if he came more often and he found out it did as he needed the toilet several times. He likes his walking steps but his body doesn’t seem to contain water easily, so far our YIN results.

He went home, tomorrow we gonna walk with another friend joining us. We will start at the busstop LEDIG ERF UTRECHT as an important logistic point from HISTORY and end in our favourite HORECA overthrew, sharing some food, this time payed by him.

As I wanted to share some coffee with my neighbours (we scheduled that earlier) I took the evening for myself to call my neighbours and talking about my YIN project while sharing the CRISISKAART for real crisis. I would love to arrange a UTRECHT CITY team as requested several times by my psychiatrist. We had a meeting in 2018 by the song from Carrie Underwood called lessons learned. And yes I burned a lot of bridges but still not the one with my most dearest friend, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

At the neighbours house I shared company with their family and talked about the latest development in my life. We concluded I have really a lovely life. Maybe I will not get old but I like to live it to the max. I talked about my ISLAM friend in a SGP house while the kids were listening to their well known homefriend Antonie, woman. Open, transparant and colourful as usual.

My neighbour contact point for my CRISISKAART talked about looking forward coming together again with a team @altrecht and adding a new person to the former group, namely the organiser of the CRISISKAART I carry in case of real trouble. Trouble I don’t expect cause I play by the rules of all laws I know. I left the latest signed CRISISKAART their place in case of trouble.

So Monday was a house full of housekeeping activities with regard to *.nl including checking some #Tax locations. TUESDAY is gonna be an active sportive day, starting with my power plate program @deworkout where my schedule was accepted for the whole coming week.

As I love to keep on being sportive, I look forward to my week. Gonna start with a call to my mum, cause she didn’t call me as promised this evening. Her memory fades sometimes so I trusted her an activity tracker in combination with an @apple IPAD2018 for the future.

I hope #tax next year we can put these CAPEX investments in her #taxform to stimulate the use of #technical #health use by her physician, so he can rely on more actual data than a visit once in a while.

My YIN project is ready to assist this future, so next WEDNESDAY @altrecht I have a lot to talk about with using #tech to support #bigdata used in clinics and hospitals. @Altrecht we have the only functioning Dutch #law file full functioning in #IoT era, so we take care for that with our lives.

I look forward to meet my TEAM of Utrecht City again with regard to (mental) #healthcare this spring/summer and I loved sharing Qi with my friends and neighbours this working Monday. As we all found out, extremes in religion are diminishing due to sharing knowledge around rituals around food, food as a result from a SUN TRAVELING FROM EAST TO WEST PROVIDING DAYLIGHT, MORE DAYLIGHT IN SPRING AND SUMMER THAN IN AUTUMN AND WINTER. So far the simple practical implementation of #EarthReligion and its most important role by #chlorofyl.

ps next time my friend and I have plans to use some MEDJOUL DADELS to sweeten our smoothie. I think he is so interested in a blender that he is gonna take one for his kitchen too and cares better for his stomach than before. Time will tell and everybody is by me allowed to share his or her own life the way he/she likes it while I share with my neighbours that I keep as a woman my male ‘dearest friend’ out of troubles.

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