(Siberian) Woods & Tech

As I take care for the lungs of the #Earth, eg Siberian Woods I am up to minimise wooduse for paperworks. Paper should be recycled using the last mile concept in a circulair community but certainly not be used to change the formats continuously as part of #logo marketing management by TRADE companies. That was the way to survive in a paper world.

Wednesday I gonna talk to my TEAM at ALTRECHT, and we are switching to #TECH. Eg we look a working/sleeping HOURS and PATTERNS with regard to our DIALOGUE to prevent EXHAUSTION. That is the main goal, as my CONTACTPOINT promised me a ‘beautiful and happy 2019’. We have a confidence DIALOGUE so I TRUST my appointment WEDNESDAY to meet both our expectations. 1) breathing 2) drinking 3) food and 4) SLEEP as much as possible with regard to the responsibilities I wear having ANTONIESWORLD(.COM).

BUT today is different cause out of pragmatism I wear a paper crisiskaart, different project. Designed to show to LOCAL POLICE and yes a big questions arise. If I travel what language should be on it. English? or should it be automated with #TECH.

It is possible to join the #Tech environment of UMCU HERSENCENTRUM but that environment is designed about the registration of a psychiatrist, not around the LAW surrounding the so called patient to isolate and destruct (in pieces to gain a brain).

I worked for UMCU HERSENCENTRUM as a recovery specialist but they couldn’t held up DIALOGUE x-mas 2016 anymore when I designed my FOOD/QI model for Antoniesworld.com We split up as a TEAM while I MANAGED TO SAVE THE PSYNET PROJECT WITH MY #LAW KNOWLEDGE ON ICT. As I support the MAYOR of the TOWN by #law (my #IBS 2017) I think I am one of the few LIVING PERSONS that can manage the SHAMAN CITY UTRECHT.

Anyway now I AM LIVING IN AN #IoT era having my dumb CELL PHONE NOKIA replaced by smart SAMSUNG NOTE 8 as most important device for my architecture. With friends recovered the @Apple ecosystem in a functional way, so WEDNESDAY TOO I WORK AGAIN FOR A FEW MOMENTS WITH MY APPLE TEAM.

BLOGGING LIKE THIS IS WORKING WITH MY SILICONVALLEY PAYPALTEAM/SERVER GERMANY TEAM, and WEDNESDAY I gonna relaunch my 4G team by Tmobile to work on #smartcities #5G projects.

So yep, as stated since long, at home I love to live with my #tech machines, not only because they are (instead of the RED FOX ERA) now my new FAMILY WEAPON for my words.  So far the power of WOMAN ANTONIE VAN EGGELEN, location BOUWSTRAAT 30BIS, UTRECHT

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