Minimalism & #GDPR

I woke up by twittering of REAL birds outside my bedroom window and realised I don’t need my digital TWITTER anymore. Further at my scheduled and accepted appointment 11.00 am at GGZ Steunpunt where I was educated for ‘ervaringsdeskundige’ & ‘herstelcoach by MARKIEZA connection’ I can talk about #GDPR in relation to #crisiskaart.

I was educated at the former UTRECHT adres of this organisation but by their movement they lost their fax number and got a new building, Kaatstraat 18, UTRECHT. In the former building I remember the loss of the Russian Ambassador Karlov with all my heart. Can be in relation to a UK connection of the MIND association in the Netherlands and their UK relations, so far the chase for #brains and #spinoza.

As I don’t use #facebook for #familyconnections I can dump that too. So I don’t need Twitter and Facebook anymore, due to #GDPR audit until now.

Left over LinkedIn with its career possibilities, for that growth I need a creditcard. Next to dump is the financial receiver cause she totally doesn’t understand my minimalism way of life to dump. Here comes the big question, which Utrecht court to address too? Cause I don’t want to pay them anymore for overdue 2017 services as I happen to #breathe in 2019 and using all my investments made. The problem with lawlessness in the Netherlands not covered by #IBS #RM or #TBS. No one in my UTRECHT TEAM can solve this yet, so big question for @MARKRUTTE how we gonna solve this problem? A decent DUTCH BUSINESSCARD WITH CREDITCARD is the question of the change needed. As advice I look forward to the TAX results of Kroezenbewind BV by 20190501 including the related pension of Mr Litjens, still connected to my @ziggo and my @rabobank. Yes, I love to rinse as a camomile flower by no lies and yes full competence and I hate not educated people fulfilling official jobs without professionalism including not staying fit and by misusing eg CREDITCARD money.

So far some church rules on the Door of #Healthcare church called Altrecht. At Altrecht it is possible to rejoin my 2017 team by 2018 procedure of recovery using the song of Carrie Underwood bridges burned, lessons learned. We can exchange our experiences as firefighters. Most of them not suicidal, I with a living limit of 5 years to have a hard EURO for my *.EU area I wanna serve as an educated auditor and as a civilian to vote by #EP19. Yesterday my walk, beautiful #SEO marketing for the DUTCH parties, even difficult to choose for voting. So I stick to my words, I vote for Sophie in ‘t Veld from D66 with her European partner Guy Verhofstad I like.

Wish everyone succes with his or her own BREXIT results,

I simply love my results,

Enjoy your day,

Antonie van Eggelen, WOMAN!!






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