Wine & Money

As Wine is an important topic, I have had some fine expensive bottles by my lovely RETAILER on a #Monopoly location, walking distance nearby. My neighbourhood can serve a lot until now and I hope sincerely all negative influencing #gigeconomy factors will be removed asap.

The latest wine I bought was from the Syrah grape, I think its name has a historic forgotten connection with the place Shiraz, Iran. The same forgotten link I think is between #Fatima tales from Portugal and the Yes I believe there is more between #Earth and the #Universe than Pythagorean Theorum as I told my colleagues from Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven when I was 19.

Now age 53, I decided I like some 5 quality years with MONEY. The money I own right now is both on Rabobank (which I would love to see transferred to my homebank ING next week) cause ING has more understanding of #tech investments upfront to guarantee DIALOGUE on *.EU level sustainable for 5 govern years of the President of Russia.

My money talks are scheduled as such: Testamenteur executair by 20190506 location Wielsem 10, ‘sHertogenbosch. As I love to audit, I wonder what my financial situation will be at that moment. I trust Nationale Nederlanden to the max that they updated my Delta Lloyd portfolio professionally.

Relevant in this case is what a Twitter connection is worth, both for my ‘partner in crime’ @ElonMusk with his South Australian Solar banking as for me with my #SAAS communication connection,

I will find out as I am an educated top level auditor with relevant #tech knowledge and connections for a sustainable peaceful future while taking care for the young and their questions about #climatechange where necesarry as a #camomile flower.

With love,

yours truly,


Signed Antoniesworld

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