Tossing around

As I joined Sportacademie Van Gent aged 14 I learned to practice jiu jitsu, karate and savage. Further I still love to stay fit based on my aerobic experiences I learned there. At age 25 I even was an aerobics teacher for fun in region Eindhoven. These days I stay fit @DeWorkout, just finished my pilates lesson and teacher young GAB how I do pilates with a block, eg her favourite procedure I showed how I combined that in my pilates habits.

On the way home I passed by the retailer for Wine & Whiskey on Biltstraat and learned him I blogged about the DIALOGUE I have with him since he runs this store. An another moment to share experiences with the YOUNG.

Back home I found out that my water in my muscles was going the right direction for better YIN practices so next appointments to be made at DeWorkout. First Tuesday, using the power plate by a training designed by myself spring 2003, followed up by stretching and using the sauna overthere. Some #smartluxury combination of staying fit, doing housekeeping and working globally all together.

Next was cooking, so I made myself Cole with onions and turmeric. To keep the juices in my body healthy including my lungs moistened enough to give O2 in my blood for the next appointment this afternoon, walking my steps with a good walking friend, city UTRECHT.

Before dinner I checked my news sources and found out *.ukraine is getting tossing around too. Such a pity for the civilians, they shouldn’t be tossed around no more. So maybe think of getting building bridges in a projectway coordinated by KIEV talking about warfare and related procedures in a change to peace in all locations on its territory including Luhansk and Donbas regions. Maybe think of how to relate economics/trade including maybe other warfare or not under the umbrella of a projectleader with #peace experiences by discipline procedures. Cause being tossed around, discipline and staying fit is the most important selfcare, not only for me. So needed, in this tossing around region, a projectleader. Just a guess because *.ukriane wants a more European approach, maybe @stoltenberg can talk about the change wanted by the civilians. End of tossing around. Start of a practical project to relieve all the related DIALOGUE PROCEDURES into someone responsible. Maybe just an idea for a practical way out?

Here someone on the door, gotta eat and walk



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