Green eyes

As I remember the Afghanistan World Press Photo with the lovely green eyes a while ago, I was wondering why I don’t meet such beautiful eyes easily in my neighbourhood. Thx to my Dusomos bloodline I also have green in my eyes to match. Once I had a real connection with blue and gold speckled eyes and I was thinking of a baby for my own. But so sorry, the man was occupied yet and you know Dutch marriage laws…

So I took my only left baby, my designed diamond model travelling until was established. It took lots of energy cause the Dutch were fully busy with their money role models. So last September I shared my knowledge with the owner of this server to get in the end the quality of my design published while respecting the rules set for it in 2006 after communicating with the (by the way money minded) board of KPMG.NL

While still breathing I write this post, while taking care for such beautiful bloodline results as the Afghanistan green eyes, no matter what system of politics a country runs, that shouldn’t  be the question.

While as usually addressing the world I would love all religions following the religion of the SUN TRAVELLING AND GIVING DAYLIGHT TO BE PRODUCTIVE AS POSSILBLE TO THE MAX.  eg most PMI Services are hosted by DAYLIGHT IHQ populations managing schedules.

I love to combine my schedule with the Kremlin cause it fits the most REAL connection between Earth VALUES like woods, fish and bees while controlling fresh water like BAIKAL. We realised a beautiful *.ru not yet matching 007 telecom yet but this can grow while respecting both #Earth and #greeneyes. I trust the Russian President in this following a straight line with SUMMER RESULTS.

My summer will be UTRECHT downtown, hopefully with bus and train connections, if not then not. I simply like my simple life and I love the question of #tax globally as you can see on

In my house I have the perfect mix for testing VALUE of money for #tech while reducing waste with regard to #Earth pollution and #overthetop lies of #nerds. In Detmold, where I worked on my website I was never lied to, we knew what we shared on paper, on tech and on telecom including finance.

I look forward to #tech sharing with the world, maybe visiting Stavropol for #health not but I hope that I can meet my expectations to visit the Detmold area again in summer/autumn 2020.

My money, I don’t see any problems. The only problem is the financial receiver totally not understanding my use of money with regard to my sustainable daily life. She simply has not the knowledge to understand the complexity, so I wish her lots of luck with the #Tax of Kroezenbewind B.V. cause I choose to save logistics to the max. As I don’t know which email address I have to question to stop my money contribution to this firm, I decided to switch to WordPress mode for talking globally. So far my words about “verkwisting” I have disagreement with Karin Kroezen. I prefer contributing to society “naar vermogen” and I love to rinse the worlds corruption, both on bloodlines as on money like a camomile flower. Just review my blog since that moment of writing.

Still breathing person, located WIFI bouwstraat30bis, UTRECHT, since 19951208.

Signed antoniesworld

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