European 112

From a telecom point of view we all know we can call emergency using our #smartphone. And roaming is also not a problem anymore inside *.EU so let’s talk about 112.

By that number you can reach 1) a nurse to keep breathing, the other 1) is for the firefighter to give some pmi services and then the 2) is for the police we all respect. Anyway you get contact to a national (that needs to evolve european) communication control center.

Since #kemerovo I am interested in firefighting. Since long I am a security officer, only not official anymore. HOW COME?

ANYWAY I am very worried about the firefight problems my neighbors live in their #tinyhouse. The designed that house themselves and he is a designer of #tinyhouses only not schooled in the ability to give consent to firefight problems.

My house is at level1, underneath a fridge with firefight problems, level 0.

May it occur that the fire starts, then I can reach safely the ground from exit 1) the front door or exit 2) the back of my house, either from the kitchen or the bedroom as I also did 20010112. The police has a whole registration about that file I hope.

By Dutch #law it is until now impossible to retrieve the #justice papers from 199708. When I was declared as a sick person, not knowing how to work…so I can not claim money from the psychiatrist by phone calling the judges at that time cause I can not retrieve his name. I think he has a firefight problem.

Hope next Dutch law prevents drawing #tinyhouses with #fireman problems, I don’t know the #damage done to UTRECHT by firefighting me all levels.

To communicate with the police I am lucky to have a crisiskaart so I abide by all laws concerning to me, both the nurse, the fireman and the police respecting. I am looking forward to 1) my scheduled appointment with the man national responsible for this card and 2) my next kingsday, see Instagram. we loved sharing our time together. Destination: Zeist, slotlaan, a distance I can walk easily.

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