Eastern, wine, #IoT & #VPN

As earlier stated I love #tech worlds in sink with the reality surrounding them locally. So lets take a glass of wine and its connected world. It needs good #Earth, #travellingSUN and good weather.

With regard to the weather there are lots of weather apps. So I focus on the measurements used by those apps.

To measure the weather surrounding a growing vegetable environment, eg wine you don’t need a #cryptocurrency #gpu BUT ONLY A SIMPLE LIKE 8086 PROCESSOR CPU. Eg in the actual world in Eurasia the #RaspberryPI or in the more homeservices American world the #arduino. Both systems simple management, no cooling devices connected to the processor.

In my house I have no #Arduino or #RaspberryPi but I can explain the mix by a running simple low cost task processor, running streaming software. Eg I can test such workloads by a simple Medion Laptop which costed me 188 euros by a Dutch firm called Blokker.

Of course I can lookup the operating possibilities to connect simple chips worldwide by using my already bought books about both #Arduino as #RaspeberryPi

This to support the *.ru possibilities of electronics combined with digital to manage eg harsh #Earth environments like #Yamal. Cause that’s what those little machines are all about, a connection between #Earthly electricians work and the #Digital cloud.

What is managed in the Digital Cloud then? Mostly #VPN connections, security from an asset point of view while I like safety from a sharing perspective, cause I think that is a natural way to keep on sharing a DIALOGUE, both in your natural environment as in your digital cloud.

I wish everyone luck.

ps I don’t do ghosting and I don’t do blocking, with regard to my personal 24/7 management I love my FTF DIALOGUE in relation to http://www.antoniesworld.com possibilities, as my contact page. Please feel free as I try to manage my gmail conform my google schedule. Thx everyone, lets work ;-))




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